Wish a best friend happy birthday

Wish a best friend happy birthday: the best of!

You should spare no effort when it comes to wishing a friend happy birthday. It’s a special day for her so you need to know how to stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, with the great friendship that binds you, she will expect more from you than for others.

Since a simple happy birthday will not be enough, you have to find the most original way for your best friend to remember it all her life.

You will compete with other people in his life like his soul mate. That’s why you have to do it right.

Many resources are available to achieve this.

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

Indeed, you can use photos, videos, texts on social networks or other provided you use them properly.

In other words, you have to know how to use them in order to do something original.

Many people wonder each year how to mark this event of great importance for a best friend.

If you are in this case, we suggest you discover some effective ways to wish him a happy birthday originally.

Wish him a happy birthday with a birthday card

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend


A birthday card is a written medium, often decorated, which allows you to wish a happy birthday to a best friend or a loved one.

In order to use it to mark minds, it is necessary to take care of both the content and the form, that is to say that the design is just as important as the written content.


Above all, it must be touching.

It must be designed in such a way as to create a beautiful emotion in the person who receives it. As a best friend, you no doubt need to know her better than anyone.

So you have to find the right words and the right photos to create tears of joy by wishing him happy birthday.

Because it’s a beautiful day, you can brighten it up with a hint of humor.

So you can create a surprise by writing a funny birthday card for your friend.

There are lots of ways to do it, but if you run out of ideas, you can take inspiration from those found on Google with the birthday message or birthday humor query.

You have many anecdotes to tell with all these years spent together.

Remind him in your card of an event marking previous moments while wishing him to experience others even better.

Remembering good times together is important for friendship.

When you write a greeting card to wish a happy birthday to a loved one, you must express great sincerity.


Make sure to convey what you feel for your best friend through these few words.

In this way, your card will be one of the most beautiful things she received during this day so important to her.

Make a video montage

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

Making a video montage to wish a best friend a happy birthday is one of the most effective ways to easily create great emotion. It is said that the writings remain but the words fly away.

This does not apply when making a video because as long as the file exists because everything is immortalized there.

Several alternatives are available to you to wish him a happy birthday this way. Indeed, depending on the personality of the person, you can go on different visions.

For example, if she loves to laugh, you have to play with humor and funny things.

If your friend is sensitive, you can play with it and do something touching.

For a birthday of a very close friend with whom we share everything, making a photo slideshow of all the good times spent together is a very good idea.


Indeed, this day is also an opportunity for you to celebrate your extraordinary friendship. Don’t forget to put your mutual favorite song in the background.

The fact of creating video sequences where all his relatives wish him a very happy birthday is a classic but has a lot of effect. It is attention that proves to your best friend that you are involved in her happiness.

You can then tell her at the end of the video how much she means to you.

If you have a specific talent for singing, this is your opportunity to use it.

For example, you can write him a song and sing it in a video that you will send him on his birthday.


If you can’t write, you can use a title that talks about a best friend.

Write him a letter

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

To wish her a happy birthday, you can write a long text to your dear friend.

It is a writing where you openly tell her how you feel about her and your wishes for the year more than she has had.


If you are not good at this, many text ideas are available on the internet.

Before you start writing your text, you need to have clear ideas about the message you want to get across.

To do this, start by defining the broad outlines of what you want to say.

Finally, start writing your long text starting from this plan to give it maximum relevance.

What to say in this open letter? The answer to this question is up to you.

It depends on your inspiration and what you want to do. The most important thing is to know how to find the right words so that your birthday message will have the maximum effect.

Current technologies allow us to transmit messages very quickly.

There are therefore several ways to transmit your writings. If your friend is old school, you can write a classic letter to her by hand on a sheet of paper.


Otherwise, social networks and sms are also available to you.

Organize a special day with her

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

there is nothing better than your presence to wish your best friend a happy birthday.


This is why if she has nothing planned, you can offer to spend the day with her.

Generally, people are busy and cannot be free for a birthday, especially if it’s on weekdays.

Make arrangements ahead of time to be free and allow your time for that special day.

In this way, beyond just wishing her your best wishes, you will honor her by living this beautiful day with her.

What to do ? You have the choice depending on what you like to do.

Lunch together is ideal when you want to mark an event as important as a birthday.

As a best friend, you surely know her gastronomic preferences.

That is why, going to eat with a friend in her favorite restaurant will be one of the best gifts she will receive.

All the girls love shopping. This is why you can offer to go and do it together.

If she plans to have a birthday party soon, this will be an opportunity for her to choose an outfit worthy of the name.


Here is a program that will allow you to spend a pleasant day.

She talks to you about doing a spa together during all these years of friendships? This is undoubtedly an opportunity to make it happen.

A relaxing day together will allow you to mark this anniversary and get even closer to this dear friend you have.

In fact, it is not the place that counts but rather the fact of being together for this day.

That is why any activity as long as it is joyful will do the trick.

For example, you can go to the movies, an amusement park, or take a photo shoot.

In short, a beautiful place to spend a happy birthday.

Be the first person to wish her a happy birthday

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

You will surely find this odd, but waiting until midnight to be the first person to wish him a happy birthday has its effect.

Indeed, a person always remembers the person who sent him his first birthday wishes. That’s why you have to do everything to make it yourself.

Of course, you will not be the only one wanting to do this. Her soul mate if she has one will also seek to be the first to send her the first birthday sms.


It will therefore be up to you to find the right strategy so that it does not get ahead of you.

To succeed, you have to keep it simple, that is, a short birthday message will do the trick.

No need to make long complicated sentences, just wish him a happy birthday, good health, happiness and more beautiful moments in your friendship

The point of doing this is that you show him that your friendship is special. In other words, not all friends do this kind of thing.

It takes time and you have to be a person’s best friend to want to do it. The others will often wait until the day to wish him.

Besides, you can make it a ritual every time she is one year older.

It’s a way for you to stand out from the crowd.

Each year for her birthday, she will expect you to be one of the first people to wish her a happy birthday for this occasion in her life.

Send him birthday quotes

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend


If you have trouble with words, you can send your birthday greetings with quotes.

These are sentences full of wisdom that allow you to express a specific message to a person.

They were written by thoughtful people on a special day like a birthday.

A quote is a great way to put someone in a good mood and wish them a happy birthday.

It is a simple message that is pleasant to read and makes good sense. You can find plenty on the internet by doing some research.

The best time to send her the quotes is in the morning.

In this way, these little words will allow him to have the energy necessary to fully attack this fabulous day.

Here are some examples of suitable quotes for a birthday:

  • “To well-born souls, value does not wait for the number of years.” Pierre Corneille
  • It is between thirty and thirty-one years that women live the best ten years of their life. ”Sacha Guitry
  • “Thirty, thirty-five (if your friend at this age) is the age when a woman can do the most crazy things.” Antonine Maillet

Write a poem for this occasion

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend


Although writing beautiful poems requires some talent, that does not prevent you from trying your luck by writing one for your dear friend. For that, try to find pretty words which rhyme between them.

Make sure to match the content with the context while citing some of its characters.

If you really find it difficult to write it yourself, you can hire specialists on the cheap at microservices. Then you just have to explain the context and everything there is to know.

As a bonus, your friend will never know that the poem is not yours.

Another alternative is to do research on Google. Indeed, there are many poems ready to be used on the internet.

You can find many specialized websites that give free use to their content. The main thing is to choose the poems that most closely match the context of your friend.

This type of writing is ideal for birthday messages. It is a warm gesture that warms the heart.

You can also integrate them with a birthday card to make even more surprise. However, a text message or a private message on social networks is also suitable.

Another idea is to frame the poem to make it a great birthday present.

Be sure to put a nice background so that she can hang it in her house. In this way, the poem will be both a memory and a decoration.

Organize a surprise party in his honor

Wish Happy Birthday To A Best Friend

A good friend knows how to take initiative. This is why to wish a happy birthday to a best friend you can organize a surprise party in her honor.

To do this, you need to gather your loved ones in one place.

The secret to a successful birthday party is to keep it simple. For this, you will need some food, drink and some music.

You can ask the help of your loved ones to prepare everything. The principle and that she spends a day with the people she loves the most.

To be successful, you must make this day unforgettable.

Prepare a few surprises like people she has lost sight of for a while or a small gift that will make her happy.

Everything will depend on your budget and the help you get to make an original birthday.

The principle of a surprise party is simple, everyone must stay hidden. By the time everything is prepared, she must be outside and bring home once everything is ready.

Once she arrives, everyone will have to shout happy birthday, happy birthday or very loud surprise.

In short you will have to gather the right ingredients for a good party and a good day at the same time.

You know what she likes so do not hesitate to gather the maximum of things she loves for this special day.

As we have seen, there are many ways to wish a best friend happy birthday.

So you have the choice between a birthday text, a small gift or even a surprise party.

It’s a special day for a dear friend so you have to help make it even more wonderful for her.

Being the best of friends requires a minimum of sacrifice especially when it is an exceptional day like a birthday.

Also, never forget that she will surely do the same for you. After all, it’s a day that only happens once in a year.

Also, don’t forget to give him big kisses.