I Can’t Forget Him : 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

It is really difficult to continue living normally when an ex does not leave our thoughts and when despite a breakup we still feel his presence. 

Do you dream of your ex, remember all the good times you shared together and whatever you do reminds you of the one you loved?

You wonder why you got so attached to this love story and why you can’t get it out of your mind, but you can’t find an answer? 

Do you think of all those who have managed to turn the page and would you like to do the same?

After a breakup , unfortunately, you can’t forget your ex by just snapping your fingers.

And despite all the goodwill in the world, it may be difficult to get rid of this emotional dependence

Some people find that instead of forgetting it it is easier to win back their ex , and by doing so it becomes even more difficult for them to get rid of the past and move on.

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

If you find yourself in this situation, I assure you, do not panic, this is completely normal !

Forgetting your ex can take time, and above all requires good “methods”. 

It is not enough just to say “I want to forget it!” It is also necessary to act so that this wish becomes reality. Today I will help you in this process. 

Once you’ve applied some of my advice, it’s easy to turn the page and stop thinking about your ex.

So take your courage in both hands and take action!

Indeed, there are certain little tricks which make it easier to forget your ex husband, forget your ex wife or even your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Before I even say ” I can’t forget my ex, what should I do?” »You must first ask yourself the question of why you are making such a blockage.

Why can’t I forget it?

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

During the day, whether you are in the office, in the shower or in your bed watching your favorite series, you can no longer concentrate because something is disturbing your thoughts: you are constantly thinking about your ex. 

You can’t get him / her out of your head. However, you know some people who know how to react very well to this kind of situation, after a breakup they remain stoic, raise their heads quickly and turn the page easily. 

Unfortunately, this is not your case and you feel as if you are the only person in the world “haunted” by his ex.

Whether it’s good times or bad times, you’re just going back to the past without having solutions to change it and you especially want to know “why?” “. 

Some people , even when they start dating new people, with whom everything goes well, still can’t help but think about their ex. So this is more of a bandage relationship than a true love story

Do you still dream of him / her, and have flashbacks that make you think of your ex?

So something must be done quickly for the well-being of your personal development or your suffering will only get worse.

If the relationship has been strong and intense, it is completely normal , after the breakup , even after a few months or even years not to be able to definitively turn the page.

You keep strong memories of it, because despite the breakup you both had a good time .

One of the most logical reasons for your blockage is of course the love you still feel. 

Indeed, thinking about your ex can also mean that your feelings have not disappeared and that you secretly wish to win her back. 

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

You veil your face by thinking and even affirming the opposite in front of your best friend or your loved ones, but deep down, you want to contact him and still dream of living by his side (who did not secretly dream of living in harmony with his ex for the last time ?).

We must also understand that it is completely understandable not to forget a person with whom we have gone through a romantic relationship .

You had intimate moments, you shared a love story together, so it’s normal to remember it. 

Even those who have been married for more than 15 years have memories of their first love , their boyfriend or their college friend.

But how can you tell the difference? How do you know whether to try to win back your ex or not?

Reclaim his ex or strike him out of his life?

As I mentioned above, thinking about him / her is often a sign that your feelings have not gone away and that you may be ready to start a new conquest. 

For some people , the breakup with the effect of an electric shock, the distance that follows only confirms the fact that you still have feelings for your ex.

In love, it is important not to have regrets, and the fact that you have separated one or more times in the past, does not necessarily mean that everything is finished between you and that you were not made up. one for the other.

So it’s not a question of putting your story aside too quickly, but of taking the time to ask yourself the right questions to find out if winning back love is really what you want and especially how to go about it.

To fully experience a love story and know its full potential, you must also know how to give it a second chance and not stay focused only on the problems. 

So rather than saying “I can’t forget it” it is sometimes better to focus on how to get it back to create new memories and not be constantly stuck in the past.

That said, there are some people who have already made their choice and who know that they definitely want to stop thinking about their ex and start from scratch. 

I decided to forget my ex!

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

You suffered from this break up, your pride prevents you from coming back, you don’t want to experience the same problems again, and it’s completely normal to want to experience something new.

However, if picking up your ex isn’t from the couch, the process for really forgetting about it, either. 

You must implement actions in order to regain a taste for life, to rebuild a social circle in order to be able to no longer have ideas solely focused on him / her. 

It is by spending time with your loved ones, by living new experiences that you will be able to move forward and no longer suffer from the end of this love story .

Because it is not so much the fact of thinking about your ex who is difficult to live but the fact that it makes you suffer as much.

By implementing the right techniques and emphasizing your personal development , you will maximize your chances of no longer suffering this heartache that hurts you every day! 

Finding the moral strength to move on after a separation is not given to everyone.

You have to show strength of character because most of the time you try to win back your ex by all possible means. 

However, whether you want to get back in a relationship with your ex when you consider that it is the love of your life or relaunch yourself in another story, your choice must be carried out with meticulousness because the main thing is not to never have regret.

To achieve this, here are the 5 steps to get up after a break up and forget about your ex.

1. Cut the links

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

If you want to forget a past love, cut all the ties. Delete the person from your friends list, do not contact them anymore.

The less contact there is, the more chance there is of forgetting that person. 

The period of radio silence has a significant effect when it comes to forgetting your ex, because it allows you to step back and put things into perspective.

But what does this method consist of

It is simply a question of cutting ties with your ex.

You must delete your number, block it on all social networks and avoid frequenting your usual places (the workplace, your sports club, your favorite bars or nightclubs, etc.).

It’s actually a matter of giving you both time to recover from the breakup.

This period, although temporary, should allow you to return to a normal rhythm of life and to heal your wounds.

You will be able to gradually forget your ex and turn the page to make a new start.

This does not mean that you cannot win back your ex’s heart. 

It is simply a matter of thinking and distancing yourself to find a minimum of objectivity.

It is also a way of looking back at the couple’s dysfunctions and the causes of their failure.

2. Meet new people

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

After a romantic separation, it is out of the question to stay locked up at home!

Get out of your bubble and open up to the outside world. You will certainly meet new people and you may even find love there.

Do not rule out any possibility on the pretext that your heart is hurt and that your mind is haunted by the image of your ex. If your best friend suggests you go out for the weekend , you should not refuse.

Even if you feel depressed and tired, it’s the best way to get your mind off things.

And if you really can’t go out with your friends, bring your friends over to you. Surround yourself with trusted people who will listen to you and support you. 

You will be able to explain your concerns to them in all sincerity. One should never neglect the importance and the benefit of a person who knows how to listen and comfort or reassure. 

What is certain is that you should not close in on yourself hoping that it will pass over time.

3. Occupy your mind differently

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

You may not know it, but you are able to control your mind and make it see things differently. 

When we cannot forget someone we have loved, it is our spirit that dictates its law to us.

You can and should reverse this process. Learn to focus your attention on other things. Concretely, stop looking nostalgically at the photos of a bygone past. 

Make the effort to push your thinking elsewhere when it is directed to the desired person. Stop watching all the movies you both loved so much.

Do not regularly visit these places that remind you of your past love. 

In short, make your mind move less and less towards this beloved person. Gradually, you will find that it is possible to forget it.

4. Rebuild yourself emotionally

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

Loving someone as much as you can’t forget at least something good. It shows how vulnerable you are and how much you need to rebuild emotionally. 

There is actually a good way to do it: broaden your affection to things or people that matter.

For example, you could give more love to your nephews and nieces or to your parents.

Devote yourself to charitable activities, adopt a dog or a cat, and cuddle it as much as you want. 

In short, express your love in another way. This will allow you to rebalance your feelings and your ability to love.

This progressive construction will make it easier for you to forget this person from the past. Indeed, we are often exclusive when it is difficult to forget a past love.

But when you learn to love other people (once again, I’m not talking about romantic love), this exclusivity decreases and allows you to love in a less obsessive way. 

Find new places to go out and meet new people to enrich your activities and broaden your points of view. 

Meeting new people will be very beneficial and you will feel immediate well-being , it may even allow you to meet someone else with potential for a new love story , who knows?

5. Give yourself the time

I Can't Forget It: 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex

Patience is your best ally. Give yourself time to heal. Even if you apply the above suggestions, things will not happen overnight. 

There will certainly be ups and downs; moments of depression and days of euphoria. But each day that passes will lead you more towards a permanent healing.

The most important thing is not to relax. Force yourself to do things that will cause you to heal. 

You will not heal as quickly as someone else , because you are unique and a person apart. So take your time and let it do its work.

All the people who forgot an ex were forced to go through these 5 steps. If they have managed to forget a past love, then you can too! 

This is why I wish you a lot of patience and a good continuation for the continuation in love!