Ignoring A Man: A Foolproof Method To Attract Him

All human relationships are complicated in themselves, but the feelings you may feel at the start of a relationship are perhaps the most difficult to manage.

You are at the very beginning of a romantic relationship and you do not want to spoil everything by being too sticky?

Are you still in the seduction phase and aren’t sure if he fell in love ?

You want everything to go well, but even if it’s a bit early to say anything, you still have the impression that something is making it go away?

Take a deep breath of fresh air and be patient! Many women overreact.

They try multiple stupid actions to attract the attention of the man in question. But it is above all to do nothing of the sort because I am going to reveal to you how to attract its attention even if at this moment you think that it is a lost cause.

6 practical tips to ignore a man to get his attention

Ignoring A Man: A Foolproof Method To Attract Him

Sometimes it is necessary to adopt certain methods in order to attract the attention of the man you like , but what exactly should be done?

It is enough to employ a secret remedy which is called ignorance .

While it sounds simple and relatively obvious, most of the time when it comes to feelings it is difficult to control yourself even when it is only a few days or weeks.

You may even be doing things that you vowed never to do, such as texting him when he silenced you on the radio , asking friends for his new phone number while he purposely changed him, spying on all his social media accounts …

So, ignore it can prove to be immediately more difficult.

The method of ignorance is to be implemented in a certain way. You have to start with yourself and then, little by little, think about what is expected of him.

Here are 6 tips so that the method of ignorance is more likely to succeed in getting his attention:

1. Ignore the need to immediately reveal your feelings.

Ignore the need to immediately reveal your feelings.

Here is the trap in which many women fall .

Believing that men have the same way of experiencing feelings as they do, they reveal their feelings far too early.

This is the best way for a man to be afraid.

It is not a good idea , knowing that men take much longer to understand their feelings and then to express them.

If you show your feelings too abruptly or too exaggerated, this may explain why the man who attracts you takes a different direction.

The best way is to take it easy.

Put yourself at his pace and express your feelings at the right time , that is, once he too is ready to express his own.

Make sure you are at the same level. By expressing your love and attachment right away , they may perceive signals of hopelessness or insecurity.

By giving it space and time to think, you may be paving the way for something more sustainable.

He will probably wonder why you changed and why you are paying less attention to him than before, and out of curiosity, he will come back to you.

2. Ignore the need to overreact.

Ignore the need to overreact.

Many women tend to draw hasty conclusions.

Everything may be fine, but we imagine the opposite just because he does not respond immediately to our message or because he did not put heart after wishing us a good night.

Whatever you do, make sure you react knowingly and make sure you react appropriately .

Constantly complaining and getting upset at the slightest detail can make him want to run away from him!

No one likes to spend their time listening to someone who complains all the time, especially for no reason.

3. Choose your battles wisely.

Choose your battles wisely.

If there is a real problem you want to talk to him about, make sure it really is.

If he has hurt you in any way, access him openly.

You should know that the tendency to exaggerate can quickly stifle the life of a couple .

You don’t want him to see you as a woman who doesn’t analyze every single word.

You can’t afford to get obsessed with every little thing it does or doesn’t do. It is only to address the issues that are truly significant.

He might even be surprised not to see you reacting for the first time about things that would normally get you out of your pumps.

4. Stop ignoring yourself and so will it.

Stop ignoring yourself and he too will stop.

You have to think about yourself first. Do not be too attentive to his needs, do not jump on the phone as soon as he calls you or on each appointment invitation he sends you.

You don’t have to pretend to be busy or have a busy schedule.

You need to be really busy. Self- occupied .

Make your life go the way you want it to. Pay attention to your needs.

You have your friends, family, work, studies, ambitions, hobbies, and other interests unrelated to him.

You must have your own life and it must obviously be part of it, but not become its center either. It should adjust to your schedule at least once in a while.

You don’t have to constantly bend over backwards to adapt to his projects. Compromise is always a good thing, but don’t let it seem like you have no life.

Men love nothing more than an independent woman, who is able to find a place for her in her busy schedule.

5. Stop ignoring your needs.

Take matters into your own hands. Plan weekends by car. Schedule face -to-face meetings . Plan whatever is likely to please both of you.

Let him know that you’ve organized something and that you would like him to join you.

Many women are used to men planning everything. This is then a way to prove your independence, your ability to organize and plan an activity for two as well as your desire to spend time together.

At that point, what is important to say is, “ If you can’t come, it doesn’t matter.

I will ask my friend to accompany me because I really want to go too. 

This will cause him to wonder which friend he is and he may even be jealous.

You just showed him that you can have fun without him.

This is actually a subtle way to ignore it.

6. Adopt the same behavior as him.

If he ignores your messages, don’t ask him why. On the contrary, do the same thing, stop writing to him, stop calling him. Do not insist. Do not force things.

He will show more interest in realizing that he has not heard from you than in realizing that you have sent him a bunch of messages, with a thousand questions.

It is not a good idea to invest for someone who in turn does not invest for us. That’s why you should never give it more than it gives you.

You must love yourself with the same intensity and give each other the same amount of time and attention.

Obviously, you are not going to measure and record who gives what and on what occasion, but make sure that you are, overall, on the same wavelength.

If you feel like you are giving too much when he is giving you nothing, you will have to ask yourself if this is really the kind of relationship you want.

To conclude, we can say that men function in a relatively simple way: if we run after them, they move away. On the other hand, if we ignore them, they run after us!

Ignoring a man to bring him back: is this a good method?

Ignoring a man to bring him back: is this a good method?

You have been in a relationship for a long time and you may be going through a rough patch.

You have the impression that your man is losing interest in your life as a couple and that he is showing himself more and more distant and you think you no longer interest him.

You have just broken up , and the breakup can take even the strongest and most reasonable woman off guard, it is often a shock that makes us go from sad, to completely uncontrollable, reacting in an exaggerated way to the successive emotions of pain and despair.

  • The man you love is walking away and you don’t know how to react and how to manage this situation?
  • He recently broke up and you want to get it back but you don’t know how?

The most of the time in these situations, many women panic and do everything and anything to try to win back the man in question.

Fortunately, for you, we will see below in which case the method of ignorance could be the best way to bring it back .

You have surely already heard the word “ run away from me, I follow you, follow me I run from you ”?

Men are like that, if you chase them, they take off as quickly as they can, but if you run away from them it’s a whole different story, they run after you .

Here are the reasons why ignorance is a very good strategy if you want to recover it:

Because man is a hunter

And like a hunter, humans love to run after their prey and catch it. So if you’re chasing it, it’ll be boring.

On the other hand, if you ignore it, it will want you more.

Because man likes to feel powerful

When you are a difficult woman to have, the man who is trying to conquer you sees you as a challenge where he has to show how strong and powerful he is.

A man likes to have control over all the situations he finds himself in, so when you ignore him you make him work hard to get you back.

What he will not hesitate to do in order to regain his authority.

Because he will think you are different from other women

Women are most of the time ready to do anything to recover the man they love. Out of desperation, it is not uncommon for them to harass him.

To distinguish yourself from other women, you have to ignore it.

Because ignoring him will make him see that you are different, and it will make him want you even more.

Because it will teach him to become more attentive

Because it will teach him to become more attentive

If you have been in a relationship for a long time and he no longer gives you as much attention as at the beginning, show him how it feels to be ignored by his partner by doing exactly the same thing: by being indifferent.

Ignoring him will make him seriously think about what you mean to him and will make him understand that you have no problem breaking up the relationship, if it comes to it.

Because he will miss you

He probably thought that leaving and ignoring you would make you depressed and make you sad, he thought you were addicted .

If he sees that on the contrary you live your life normally, and that you live very well without him, He will regret having left you because he will see how much you are an admirable and independent woman.

Because he will want to win your attention at all costs

What a man wants above all is to have the admiration of a woman.

So when you pretend that you don’t care about him or your romantic relationship , it will make him confused and he will question himself.

The more he feels that you are disinterested, the more it will haunt him and the more he will want to win you back at all costs.

Because he will be afraid of losing you…

The fact that you have disappeared will make him think of you more often and it will remind him that he is not the only man in the world.

He will realize that if he does not do something as soon as possible he may lose you.

… And he doesn’t like to lose

Ignoring him will make him believe that he really lost something he owned. He will then begin to remember what he had and does not have anymore.

If by chance it comes back to you, remember that this does not mean that it is permanent. He may be playing a game and as soon as he finds you decides to walk away again.

This occurs especially in the case where the man is no longer very interested in continuing the romantic relationship but at the same time he does not want to lose.

He will be attracted to the fact that you are strong and independent

Becoming a woman who is too needy is not at all attractive to a man and it is the best way for a man to set sail.

Indeed, a man always prefers a woman who gives him the space he needs. Analyze your relationship and if you feel he needs space, give it to him, it’s not much , but it will make a difference.


Because if you ignore the fact that he may already be indifferent, you are only doing him a favor by leaving him the opportunity to leave quietly.

Ignoring A Man: A Foolproof Method To Attract Him

The cases where it should not be ignored:

  • You have a communication problem
  • He thinks your love is fleeting
  • He’s a covered narcissistic pervert or he’s just self-absorbed
  • He uses the same strategy as you

If everything goes as planned and you agree to resume it

Don’t start your story over where you left it. This young man must start all over from the beginning, but with more difficulty, because he must regain your confidence .

Give him time to woo you again and don’t take him back if you have any doubts that he can leave again.

But how do you know if he’s sincere? If your man does these things, he is a man in love :

  • He puts your needs before his own
  • He values ​​everything that matters to you
  • He would never hurt you on purpose
  • He is protective of you
  • He wants to meet your needs as far as he can
  • He tells his friends and family about you

Does your man do it all? So you can take it back… but on trial for the moment!

Finally, ignoring a man, is it a good method?

As we have seen ; ignoring your man is a good idea in most cases. At a minimum, you will know if this man is still attracted to you and if he is really a man in love .

If you ignore it and it comes back then you will know right away that it’s won!

Otherwise, if he always avoids you, you will know where you are in your relationship and he will be the loser if he does not run after you.

Also ; take into account the points where it is better not to use this strategy.

In these cases try to find another one that is more suited to your situation.

Always remember that when it is you who run after a man, he runs away, but when it is you who ignore him, it is he who runs after you!

Wishing you good luck for the future and all the happiness in love!