Seduction Games

Seduction games: the basics to get started

Seduction games allow those who want to seduce to make a good impression during a first date.

Whether it is for a tête-à-tête or at a group event, it is a weapon that will help you hang someone.

We would all like to be very strong in the process of seduction . Although this is difficult, effective techniques exist.

Do you dream of becoming someone who is successful with your conquests? This can be done by resorting to a game of seduction.

If you do not know much about this area, we explain the basics to know.

What are seduction games?

Seduction Games

A seduction game is a drag technique that is used to create a positive atmosphere.

It prepares the ground to optimize the chances that a person has to seduce someone.

It is an alternative to the long discussions which make a first meeting monotonous.

The principle is simple, it consists in putting the other person in confidence by captivating his emotional side. It is an aspect that can be developed with a playful activity that creates laughter and fun.

It increases the power of seduction tenfold, because all the barriers preventing the creation of strong bonds fall quickly.

Although it sounds easy, there are a few important things you need to know to be an expert in the game of seduction. First, you need to have a minimum of self-confidence.

This is an important parameter for the person opposite to easily gain confidence.

Second, you must first pay attention to the signs it sends you.

Indeed, we do not launch head down just to hope to make love.

Some people need more time before taking the next step. This is why, you must therefore know how to wait.

The third point is among the foundations of personal development, learning from mistakes.

In other words, it is by practicing that you will improve.

As you set up your little game, you will be able to spot the errors and fix them later.

Anyone who wants to seduce can learn this concept.

Indeed, there is no conditioning on the s ex of the master of the game of seduction.

In addition, numerous studies show that women are starting to feel comfortable in this practice.

This technique of seduction cannot be improvised. So you have to start off on the right foot by calming your stress.

If you are likely to fear the first dates, you should make yourself comfortable.

To do this, you can take deep breaths and tell yourself that everything will be fine.

Over time, your technique will be perfected and you will be able to use it, effectively regardless of the context.

The game of seduction can be played in groups or face to face. However, you must be at least two to be able to play it.

Why does it work?

The reason why games of seduction work is related to a human side. In its normal state, the brain still works according to logic.

This means that any event can be interpreted by it and that disrupting it will be difficult. To counter this, it will then be necessary to appeal to the emotional side of a person.

When you think about it, it is a principle that applies in all approaches where you have to convince someone.

For example, it is the case of the sale where it is important to trigger the emotion of a person facing a product so that he buys it.

Later when the person regains consciousness, his logic will be there, but this time, it will be that dictated by his emotions.

To be clear, if you have created great chills in it, your target will agree to see you again and go further with you, because his emotions will tell his logic that you are worth it.

On the other hand, a relationship is based on the closeness between two people. By engaging in a common activity, you create bonds which will be reinforced thereafter.

By no longer being a stranger, you can use other techniques to achieve the desired result.

The different games you can play

Seduction Games

There are many games to grab a person’s attention. They are easy to set up and understand.

In addition, there is no specific rule to follow. In other words, you have carte blanche to adapt the outcome of a game on your own terms to encourage seduction.

The only basic rule in this concept is that it must create laughter and good times.

As the expression “woman laughing, half in your bed” says, which can also be taken to seduce a man.

So do not hesitate to play your humorous talents while preserving a mystical side.

We can’t say it enough, don’t rush into s exualizing the game or discussion quickly.

By breaking the hypnosis that the game has on your conquest, you will erect new barriers that will be more difficult to break down.

Wait until you have his agreement thanks to the various signals emitted by your target, sometimes it may be that they are contradictory signals.

Truth or dare: a classic

Seduction Games

We have all played this game at least once in our lives. Indeed, it has been played from a very young age and has gradually established itself as an effective cruising technique.

It is a good way to find out more about a person, because if they choose truth, you can ask anything and they will have to answer it.

The other side of this game is that a person can also respond to action.

This then involves making a pledge given by the other. For example, the pledgee will have to kiss a part of the body of the sponsor.

The advantage of this game is that it is easy to set up.

You can easily introduce it by simply saying “action or truth” to your target. It is a game known to everyone, so you will not need to explain the rules.

Your initiative will immediately indicate to your conquest that you are trying to seduce her.

We can say that everything is allowed in this game and we can use it to increase a person’s s exual desire.

However, you should not rush, because if the person is not yet fully confident, the logical part of his brain will take over and rebuild the barriers.

Little by little, you will proceed to s exualize the game. This involves asking questions or data of increasingly naughty pledges.

It should be easy because a bewitched man will only wait for one thing, which is to jump on you.

Do not force things if the situation does not turn out the way you want.

If you cannot reach a conclusion, you will at least have had precious information concerning it.

Whether it is his interests or his character traits, the data obtained can be used later for another face-to-face meeting.

Group seduction: the classic bottle game

Seduction Games

The bottle game is the equivalent of action or truth, but in a group. It’s an interesting game that involves two people kissing.

Everyone stands in a circle around a bottle that is rotated on itself.

The two people pointed at the ends of the bottle will have to kiss each other. We have no right to refuse, because it is the basis of the game and we become aware of it before starting the game.

This little contact can then be used as a springboard to approach your target.

To introduce the subject, you can simply say that it was fun and pleasant at the same time. You have to keep the fun and humorous side of the game.

The best way to reap the benefits of this game is to go on the attack soon after its end.

Thus, your target will still be under the hypnotic effect of the euphoria and will put the logical part of his brain on pause.

She will therefore be more receptive to your advances and give you a new opportunity to seduce her.

Take the big game out with strip poker

Strip poker is a naughty card game that is played by two or more.

It basically takes up the basics of poker which is to have the best combination of cards to win the game.

In a normal game, you exchange your chips for money, but in a hot context, you have the right to undress a person.

However, there are several variations to this game even if they are all played according to the base of Texas hold ‘EM.

You can change the rules as you wish. For example, you can define that to have new tokens, a person will have to remove an item of clothing.

To make it even simpler, strip poker does not really have to follow specific rules.

Its real purpose is to help you seduce your beautiful brunette. Furthermore, losing your clothes quickly is even a good plan to seduce him with your naked body.

So it is not so important to know who wins the game.

This game of seduction is often used as a preamble to more important action. The appetite comes with eating and your naked bodies will only push one into the arms of the other.

So all you have to do is play on your strengths so that it is at your mercy.

To do this, you can compliment him on a part of his body.

For example you can launch: “Wow, I’ve never seen one so big”.

Then you can say something like, “We shouldn’t be bored with you.” Men love it when you flatter your ego.

However, you should take care before talking to her about her private parts.

He might think you are a facie girl. Go easy by starting to compliment him on other less delicate parts of his body such as his abs for example.

The battle of looks to use your charm

Seduction Games

For a tête-à-tête, the battle of looks is a game that creates a lot of emotions.

It can create in someone a feeling of confidence sufficient to lower their guard.

It simply consists in looking each other in the eye and the first one who blinks will have lost the game.

At first glance, it is a game that has nothing to do with seduction, but it is precisely its WTF side that makes it a great way to stop the logical part of the brain and moved on to the emotional side.

You have several possibilities to enjoy the benefits of this game. First, you can define that the loser receives a pledge.

This should only be s exualized when your target will tell you by signals that she is ready to go further. Otherwise, continue to give simple and fun pledges.

Then, this battle of looks will allow you to continue with one of the most beautiful compliments in terms of seduction.

This is about telling a person how beautiful their eyes are. If your target is growing a beard, be sure to tell them that they have looked after them well.

Pay attention to the smallest detail, because if you can take advantage of this game to make him understand your intentions, he can also do it.

If he gives you increasingly hot wages, it surely indicates that he wants you to take it to the next level.

If, on the contrary, he seems to lose interest in the game, you will have to find a way to reverse the situation.

Many love stories are the result of this fun game.

Games on Smartphones

Seduction Games

We live in an era where technology takes place in all areas. So much so that smartphones occupy a large part of the daily life of many people today.

Applications and games are then made more easily available to everyone through them.

In fact, there are variations of all the games listed in this article on Smartphone.

On this side the designers have free rein to let their imagination speak, provided that it is effective.

For example, you can go on an action or truth game with a simple 3D die with other options on it.

The aim being to create proximity with another person, there is not always a need for the game in question to be specific to seduction.

Any game can become a drag weapon if you know how to use it to grab attention.

You can perfectly start a game of pool on Smartphone or a Temple Run competition.

Whatever the nature of the game, the main thing is to put too much seriousness on stand-by in order to create an opening to conquer your target.

Besides, it is advisable to start with generic games to establish a relaxed atmosphere.

This will also allow you to reassure your conquest so that she accepts to be approached by you.

As confidence builds, you can gradually s exualize the activities.

The Shifumi of seduction

Seduction Games

In terms of play, the Shifumi is undoubtedly the easiest to approach. We all played there during childhood.

However, who could have suspected that he would become a real asset to seduce?

In fact the concept is the same as for all games where you need a winner. It’s up to you to change the rules.

Although there are many possibilities, we recommend that you start slowly.

In fact, the intensity of the actions to be taken will have to be adapted to the degree of proximity you have with the person.

The goal is therefore the same as for the other techniques, to put the person at ease before attacking.

However, don’t waste too much time on this game. Although it is easy, it can quickly become monotonous.

To abuse it will then produce a counterproductive effect which is far from the game of seduction. You can alternate it with two or three other games that you will rank by importance according to the situation.

The Shifumi can go very far in a stage of seduction. Indeed, it can be used from the observation phase until the moment when you bring your conquest back to bed.

For example, you can have a game and the loser will have to make a little treat for the other.

Either way, let your imagination run wild. Remember that the most important thing on a first date is to hypnotize your date so that she wants to go further with you.

As long as what you do produces emotions and laughter, you will always have the opportunity to conclude.


Why not make it simple by just making jokes? This format is very interesting, because it allows to energize a date.

You can set it up when the conversation starts to get boring. The rule is simple, the first who laughs has lost. One after the other, you will tell yourself your best jokes.

However, you must have a minimum of preparation by having some good jokes in your pocket.

Whoever loses must, like in most games of seduction, receive a pledge. It’s up to you to make them more and more salty according to the evolution of the tête-à-tête.

Humor is an important point. Telling jokes will help you demonstrate that you have a good sense of humor.

Treat it, because it can help you create a beautiful atmosphere.

Little by little you will divert your jokes towards s exuality. Nothing like salty jokes to cause a sensation, especially with a man.

Everything must be done without the person opposite suspecting that you are trying to seduce him. Play the game by adopting a mixture of excitement and nonchalance.

Seduction is an art similar to magic. We wave a wand in one hand to get attention while we work the trick in the other.

If all goes well, you will have scored very good points to win the heart of your target to go further.


Seduction Games

To conclude, we can say that basically, all the games of seduction are alike. They consist in setting up three phases:

  1. The proposal  : this is where you will offer your target to play with you. You will have to know how to convince her by emphasizing that it will be fun.
  2. Explanation of the rules  : This is an important phase, because it is you who define the rules of the game. You must simplify your explanation as much as possible to capture all his attention.
  3. Action  : This is the final phase which will allow you to benefit from the game. Little by little, the atmosphere will deviate towards a s exual context. If your goal is not to sleep with the person, take advantage of the fallout from the game to compliment them and say sweet words to them.

When you think about it, any fun activity that you can do as a couple can be considered a game of seduction.

The most important thing is to know how to entertain your target so that it opens an opening for you. The reason is that if someone has fun with you, they will have no trouble trusting you.

There are also no right or wrong choices when it comes to these games. They are all effective in helping the seduction process to take effect.

The well-being that arises from these distractions will establish an atmosphere conducive to a relationship in the short or medium term.

Finally, it also takes training for all this to work well.

Learn from your mistakes and perfect your cruising techniques.

It goes without saying that you can have some refusals before having the hand, but the most important is to know how to get up.