You will never be too much for a guy who will never be tired of you

The boys come and go but a real man stays, even when everything tells him to do the opposite.

It would have taken a ton of bad men, emotionally immature boys and absolute fools who pretended to be real men before they realized some things about love.

Things that seemed so unclear and vague. Things that I didn’t know and that could make my job easier when I was dumped.

You know, all these little lies that we tell ourselves after a crappy breakup so that we can get by more easily?

” Oh, it was my fault, I was way too overbearing and in need “, or ” I should lower my tone with the next guy, or I’ll scare him if I keep going. 

Well you know what? I was like this before. I thought it was always me. I told myself that I was asking for too much or that I was simply too much for him.

As if asking for love and effort was something to be ashamed of! Guess what ? It is not!

I was tired of giving myself to weak boys who were not enough men to know how to manage a real woman!

So I finally decided that it was enough. I got tired of taking a hit every time. I’m done feeling guilty for everything.

If it’s my fault, I’ll be the first to admit it, but be cursed if I ever let a guy make me feel like I’m too much to handle as a woman.

You will never be too much for a guy who will never tire of you


No, it does not pass anymore.

What I have achieved is very simple.

You can NEVER be too much for a guy who never tires of you!

If that’s how you feel, honey, I have something new for you … You’re with the wrong person!

The right person would never make you feel like a burden.

The right person would never make you feel like you couldn’t be yourself with him.

And the right person would never miss you.

Because when we love someone, and I mean really when we love someone … we never get tired of that person.

We don’t suddenly decide that we have enough for today. Because it is not love otherwise, it is convenience.

And it’s something you should never, never just accept.

Believe it when it comes from a girl who has been content to be “convenient” one time too many.

When you find yours, believe me, you will feel it.

Everything will be different. What you have felt with all these boys will never cross your mind.

This man will be a real man and will know how to treat a woman he loves, a real woman.

This man cannot do without you.

Even on days when you’re going through a rough patch and you’re down, he’ll always make sure you know he loves you anyway.

You will never be too much for a guy who will never tire of you

A real man will always text you so you know you are not alone.

A real man will never let you go to bed alone, letting you believe that everything is falling apart.

It’s not about living in a bubble.

We are all aware that shit happens and that relationships require a lot of work and effort.

But when it is with the right person, you will never feel like you are too much or that everything is your fault.

He will never let you think it is!

And this is the only type of acceptable relationship you should have.

Don’t let these immature boys still living from their parents dictate your feelings.

Don’t let them take away your confidence or self-worth.

You are far too strong and powerful to let someone put you down like that.

Know your worth. Know your strength.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll see it for yourself. A man who loves you will love you whole.

You will never be too much for a guy who will never tire of you

He will love your talkative personality and your openness.

He will love your little jealousy because he will know it means you care.

He will like the fact that you need to know that he has returned safely.

He will love the way you kiss him and don’t let go of the arms every time you are apart for a few days.

And it’s because a real man knows what love is. That it is chaos, madness and jealousy.

And he’ll totally agree with that because he knows YOU are worth it every second.

And this feeling is something that you will keep precious in your heart.

It’s not that everything is perfect all the time. It’s about knowing that you can be the way you are while feeling loved.

You have to believe it because you know it will be worth it.

The next time you feel the need to be less talkative, less obstinate, and less censored in front of a guy, go.

A man who will never get enough of you will never let you belittle yourself like that.

Either you are yourself and authentic, or you leave. It is up to him to decide. And believe me, a real man will make the right choice.