How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?

Very often, men find it difficult to show their feelings and to express what they feel … Is it for fear of ridicule? Or for fear of passing for someone sensitive and weak? Are they afraid of being judged? Are they afraid to show that they appreciate you?

The truth is that men are not very good at expressing their feelings, especially when the fear of being rejected creeps in. 

Men are afraid of three things: being rejected, disappointing their loved one and being taken for granted. And the worst thing is when these fears combine in great fear once they start to fall in love and develop feelings of love .

Anyway, one thing is for sure: all this can prove to be a problem when it comes to determining if a man falls in love or if he is just polite to you! 

Fortunately for us, men find it just as difficult to hide their feelings as to express them. In general, they prefer to show us their interest or their love by tender gestures and small attentions

For them, it is much more important to prove their love than to say it through “I love you”. 

So how do you recognize the signs of a man in love who is hiding his feelings? How to recognize a man in love through his behavior? 

When a man is in love with a woman, it is clearly seen. There are unmistakable signs. To know if your man is in love, it will be necessary to pay attention to these small details

In this article, you are given 14 signs that will allow you to recognize a man in love with you.

Here is something to help you determine if you really like it or not!

1. A man in love demonstrates this through actions

How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?When a man experiences romantic feelings he doesn’t just say it. Besides, it is not the strong point of men to make fiery declarations. 

It makes them feel weak, vulnerable, and men like to stay in control. 

So even if you need him to say love words to you, don’t just focus on that. Pay attention to his actions , because it is by gestures that he can easily show you his feelings. 

Note the little touches : gifts, flowers, surprise dinner, massages, breakfast in bed, etc.

Few men prove their feelings by fiery “I love you”. A man in love doesn’t just tell you how much he loves you. He uses actions.

2. A man in love makes you his priority and is reliable

When a man is satisfied with his romantic relationship and has romantic feelings , he can’t help but put you on a certain pedestal. 

For him you are a priority, you become ultra important and you can clearly feel it and notice it. 

He won’t look for lousy excuses for not seeing you, and he’ll always show up on time for your dates . He’s still there. When he makes promises to you he keeps them! 

Its reliability is flawless. Even if he’s busy, he will always find a way to keep you from feeling empty. 

A man in love very often plans back-up plans to catch up if he has somewhat abandoned his partner, for example because of something he was forced to do.

3. A man in love takes care of you

How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?A loving man who is crazy about you, takes care of you at all levels. He watches over you in a natural way.

It encourages you, makes you little surprises, offers you things that you particularly like. 

He takes pleasure in making you happy. Also, he has a listening ear, he listens to you attentively when you speak. A man in love always makes these little details in his married life

The behavior of a man in love will ensure that she lacks nothing. He will be so caring with his beloved, that it will not be difficult to realize his feelings, to the point that sometimes you will feel like a big baby.

4. A man in love introduces you to the people who matter to him

When he finds it is the right time , a man in love will introduce you to his close friends, he will share your romantic relationship with his family, and after a while he will also want you to meet them, of course, if not is already done. 

He will make sure they accept you, and will make sure that you are not uncomfortable during the meeting. 

He thinks he is the man of your life and you his soul mate , and for that it is particularly important for him to make you join the intimate circle of his family and his closest friends. 

Needless to say, how much this proves his romantic feelings for you, if he didn’t see a future with you, he wouldn’t take as much trouble integrating you into his life.

5. A man in love likes spending time with you

How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?A man with romantic feelings will love spending time with you. You will be able to notice it in his look, his smile, his physical contact and through his body language .

He will always have activities to offer to see you somewhere and spend time in your company. Even when your jokes are zero, he will be the first to laugh at it; another proof that shows how much he loves your company and that his feelings are true.

If he wants to spend time with you at all costs, that he doesn’t hesitate to tell you that he misses you and that he wants to see you, know that he is a man in love with one hundred percent!

That said, some men in love can get too clingy in the relationship, which over time can turn out to be just as bad as good. 

Be careful that your loved one does not turn out to be an egocentric who borders on the narcissistic pervert, for that, recognize the warning signals in time!

6. A man in love asks for your opinion and takes it into account

For each decision to be made, the man in love asks his partner for advice. 

Your opinion counts in his life, and this at all levels. You are important to him and he asks for your opinion before doing anything , especially with regard to your married life

This attitude solidifies your relationship and strengthens the confidence you have in each other.

7. A man in love is jealous

How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?A man in love with you will be jealous of other men, your suitors, and even your friends of the opposite gender. 

He’ll want to set barriers for you, give you flexible restrictions to make sure you’re only his. 

It may sound like possessiveness, but in fact it is jealousy and also fear; fear of losing yourself. 

At this point, you can already know that he wants to keep you in his life. If you were not important, he would not be jealous, he would not hold you in check for any flout. 

A man in love does not care about the behaviors or associates of his beloved.

8. A man in love overcomes difficulties with you

A man really in love with you does not go away as soon as you meet the first obstacle. 

He doesn’t run away as soon as things don’t go as planned . On the contrary, it remains to try to understand what is problematic, to find a possible solution and remedy it. 

He accepts you as you are and supports all your mood swings; because he knows it’s all part of your charm.

9. A man in love looks at you with passion and initiates physical contact

A man in love loads in his eyes all the burning declarations that he cannot make you out loud for fear of being vulnerable.

When he looks at you, you feel all the heat that emanates from it, he looks at you in a languid and passionate way. 

You might sometimes catch him looking at you with a small smile. You will know all the effect you have on him, especially since he does not wait until you are under the duvet before admiring you.

The body language of the man picks up immediately. He feels the need to cuddle, touch, kiss, hug, etc. 

The tactile character of the man is different from the touchings, that is to say the little pat on the buttocks for example. It should be noted that body language is of paramount importance in a couple.

10. A man in love constantly thinks of you and shows it to you

He sends you full-time messages, he calls you. When you call him, he picks up. 

He responds to your messages as soon as possible. Even when he seems busy, he finds a moment to let you know and explain the situation. 

When a man experiences feelings of love , he is naturally attentive and it is not difficult to realize it .

11. A man in love helps you in all areas

How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?A man in love will spare no effort to help you with household tasks: taking out the trash, doing the dishes, cooking your favorite dish, shopping or other.

He is ready to give you a helping hand for anything and everything, because he takes pleasure in making you happy , and making your life easier. 

12. A man in love makes plans for the future with you

When a man loves you, he sees you as his partner. You are an integral part of its plans for the future. He makes plans for both of you. 

He says “we” when he talks about your romantic relationship and that clearly means that he loves you and that he includes you in his future.

Someone who, one day , thinks of making a living with you will have more common projects with you than personal projects. 

You will not only be his partner, but also his partner with whom he can establish long-term projects. 

When a man starts talking to you about projects in pairs, know that it is certainly not on a whim. He will have already thought long and decided that he wants to be the man of your life .

13. A man in love is a little harsh with you

How to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings?A man who really loves you will never let you go . He will not be lax. Your associates, the way you dress, or behave will be areas to which he will pay particular attention. 

As his partner, you will have to adopt a certain build and take certain habits. A man in love with you will never let you do anything stupid. He will scold you when necessary and give you feedback if necessary.

14. He’s trying to impress you

All you need is him. At least it’s that he wants you to believe. Are you afraid of something ? He’s there to protect you. Do you have to carry heavy boxes? He offers to do it for you. You have to take out the trash? Don’t worry, he’s there to do it!

When a man tries to do everything to show his qualities , his strengths and his will to help you, it means that he wants to become indispensable in your life and that he wants you to know that you can count on him in n ‘ no matter what situation.

You can be sure that this is THE infallible sign of a man in love !

These signs of a man in love are rather easy to decipher. If you spot this behavior in the person you like, don’t hesitate ! Tell him how you feel and trust me: he will respond like this!

On the other hand if he does not manifest this attitude, there is little chance that he is interested in something serious with you. In this case, you have two choices: either you abandon the idea of ​​being with him, or you take your courage in both hands and you ask him the question directly, at least you will know what to expect. 

To finish: some advice to take into account

In any romantic relationship , it is important to communicate. Dialogue has a preponderant place in the harmony of the couple. 

Whatever your level of investment in the couple, you should always opt for communication in order to solve small problems that could constitute a brake on the relationship.

  • Use face-to-face dialogue to be sure of each other’s feelings for you. Pay attention to his gestures, facial expressions, facial expressions, etc.
  • Also, trust your intuition, because the feminine intuition is very strong.
  • Never force his hand for fear of scaring him away.
  • Always try to be very understanding.
  • Avoid approaching the subject with aggressiveness or in an argumentative tone.
  • Pay attention to his actions and gestures.
  • Avoid putting your ego forward.

In the life of a couple , the ego is to be banished because it only gets in the way of the couple’s harmony.

You have to think about the needs of the other, not just your own. An injured ego can act as a veil, preventing the woman from seeing clearly all that the man does to show her his love. 

Do not focus on standard evidence or criteria, as he could prove his love in a thousand different ways.

It is important to know enough about your partner in order to master his body language , that is, his language. 

The truth is that he should share his passions with you, make you laugh, compliment you, take care of yourself and many other things. But maybe he’s already doing it in his own way. 

Maybe you’re not really paying attention to what he’s already doing, because you’re too focused on what he’s not doing?

If despite all this advice, you still can’t really pinpoint your partner, don’t panic. In this case, it is recommended to take into account all the elements available to you before judging whether or not a man is really in love with you.