When a man wants to see a woman again: how do you know he’s serious?

The most men give the impression that they are difficult to identify because they hide their feelings too much when it comes to their relationship

And many women wonder how to be sure that the one they like is an interested man and that he will not end up playing with their feelings. 

This occurs especially after a first appointment . What is that fact that we left a good impression during our hot date of Saturday night

But doubt can just as well be present after a few months spent together, once we are in a relationship, how do we know if we can invest a hundred percent if he does not express his feelings clearly?

This is what we will try to find out in this article. We will address the two situations, first in the case of a romantic relationship where you are already in a relationship but where your man does not clearly express his feelings.

And secondly in case you have just met a man and after one or more dates you are not sure if you have left a good impression .

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When a man wants to see a woman again: how do you know if he's serious?You should know that when a man really loves and begins to consider something serious, he begins to leave clues that reveal his intentions and that’s a good sign . You can be sure that he likes you secretly .

There are many clues you should be able to spot right away and that you should learn to recognize if you want a serious relationship .

Immediately discover the 6 main signs that will enlighten you in order to know if your companion is considering a stable history with you and if he sincerely wishes to become involved in your married life .

He envisions a future

As of this writing, we are in the middle of September, if you have been dating a man for a few weeks or months and he is already thinking about your winter or spring vacation this is a good sign of his involvement in your romantic relationship and his desire to make it last. 

Several times he has already spoken to you about what you will be able to do together in the future, and that can reassure you because it is not in the habits of the fairer s ex !

The fact that he makes reflections by imagining his future at your side proves that he is addicted and that he cares about you. 

So rest assured, he is with you and wants to see where this relationship can lead him. A man who would not want a serious relationship would not do this type of reflection and would not see himself as a couple in the months to come.

He told your loved ones about you

It is not always easy for a man to dare to talk about his new girlfriend in front of his loved ones, especially when it comes to a couple who has just formed. 

If your partner does not hesitate to mention your name and perhaps even introduce yourself to his friends or family, you can consider that you are in a serious relationship in his eyes and that he takes your relationship seriously .

Just talking about yourself and not being ashamed to share your feelings shows that this man is different from most men , and that he is considering a serious relationship

He does everything to make you laugh

When a man wants a serious relationship , he will first try to become a good friend. Not that he wants to fall into the friendzone because no man wants it, but to seduce you, he will use his humor and do everything to make you laugh. 

Humor is a great way to seduce a woman and create a bond of complicity and that, who wants to charm you, will have understood it in time.

Not only will he take out his entire repertoire of jokes at the risk of appearing heavy, but also he will not hesitate to annoy you, to blame you just to joke and relax the atmosphere hoping to create a little verbal jousting!

For a girl who is shy and has a hard time letting go, this will help break the ice and make her feel much more comfortable when head to head

When the seduction phase comes to an end and you are already a couple, if your man continues to be playful it is that you really like him and that this relationship in which he finds himself suits him.

He likes spending time with you

The most common criticism of the fairer s ex is that they don’t make enough effort to spend time with their other half. 

Often, they do the bare minimum without taking initiatives and wanting to prolong the good times spent in pairs. 

That said, it will be necessary above all to forget the clichés and focus on its history and not those that you have already experienced before or those that your friends may have gone through. 

No man is the same and everyone has their own character and way of acting.

When a man wants to spend time with a woman it is a very clear sign of attachment. 

Indeed, if he insists on seeing you, if he calls you in the evening, if he texts you frequently during the day without you having to take the first step, that means that he wants to spend time time with you. 

He therefore acts differently from most men and this proves his desire to form a solid couple life with you. 

The only problem is that, as much as it can flatter you, can also make you run away … A little paradoxical, right ?! But this is a whole different subject!

A man will never consider spending the whole day with someone or moving for a woman he does not like, so if he makes these efforts you can be sure that this is a good sign !

He embraces you in public

When a man wants to see a woman again and is really interested he also shows it through body language. 

If he stares at you, looks you in the eyes for a long time, strokes your hair, hands, gives you little kisses on the cheek, etc. This means that he wants you. 

By doing all this in public, he proudly announces to the world that you are together and that he is not ashamed to admit it. This proves his interest in staying with you and his well-being when he is by your side. 

He takes his time

When a man wants seriousness he waits to find a woman who deserves all his attention. An interested man takes his time to get to the more intimate things and never forces things when it comes to the physical.

He will not put pressure on you to have s ex because he thinks you are the right person and that it will happen at the right time, anyway. 

He does not want to move faster than necessary, he respects you and does not want to put any pressure on you. 

He enjoys every step of your relationship and is patient when it comes to taking it to the next level. 

Today, unfortunately, most men and women forget how intriguing it can be to wait before moving on to intimate relationships. Today this is done automatically after a few meetings. 

And once the course is crossed there is no more mystery, certainly there are always new ways to spice up that side of the relationship, but try to keep your cool as long as possible and see his reaction. 

Either he will want you more and go crazy for you, and his interest will only increase, or he will give up and not have the patience it needs, after which you will know where you two are and what were his real intentions … 

If it is worth it, and if he is really interested in you (and not only in wanting to sleep with you), he will wait, and play your game of seduction, he will even find it refreshing and fun. So my advice: make him languish for as long as possible!

Finally, I hope that you will have recognized your man’s behavior among these clues, now the ball is in your court and it is up to you to play to keep him hooked as long as possible

First look: what makes a man want to see us again?

When a man wants to see a woman again: how do you know if he's serious?

At first, you weren’t necessarily convinced. But by dint of exchanging compliments, looks, smiles, you have to admit, you completely fell for it! Here is one who seems to be an interested man !

You spent one, see several face to face together, everything seemed to be going perfectly, you found common interests , your conversations last for hours and each time you meet, you are like in a cloud! It responds to the first signs of interest.

First signs of interest:

  • He looks you in the eye.
  • He smiles at you.
  • He blushes from time to time.
  • He finds excuses to graze you and touch you.
  • He continues your conversations: you feel that he wants to know you better.
  • He shares your humor: he laughs at your jokes, revives you, teases you.
  • He inquires about the existence of a possible boyfriend 
  • It asks for your number or email address on social media
  • It implies that you will see each other again soon.
  • He text you 
  • He treats you with respect

But now he suddenly starts to distance himself without good reason, he gives the impression of not being as interested as at the start.

He decreases the ardor of his texts and his calls, to the point of perhaps not even answering at all, the last glass in head to head has been zapped for a long time. Something is wrong

Each woman faced with this situation will come to wonder: What happened? What did i do wrong? Do I still like him?

Above all, you have to know that the attraction of a man is more vacillating than that of a woman. It can sometimes start with a real crush . And, until you are at the same stage, its interest will only increase.

But, at the very beginning of any relationship, the interested man does not project himself . He does not yet imagine a future. 

His desire is limited to that of possession. And as soon as he has the feeling of having you, his affection will suddenly drop. 

This happens often :

  • As soon as you show your first signs of interest 
  • After the first part of legs in the air
  • Once you’ve mentioned your desire to have a stable relationship.

At each stage of seduction, you can completely grill yourself. The key to nurturing their desire to experience something with you is to stimulate their interest ONLY for the next step.

How to act to keep him interested?

  • Stay mysterious : especially about your tastes, your desires, your plans for the future, your desire to have a stable relationship … Keep certain aspects of your life secret.
  • Stop looking at it too long : so that it questions how much you are really interested. 
  • Do not send too many texts : let it measure how much you will communicate outside of your dates
  • One in three meetings, offer yourself an outing 
  • Do not crack , do not blame him for a lack of attention
  • If he takes a step back, take two
  • Get to know him , don’t judge him from his past
  • Do not make romantic statements or attentions
  • Let a little time pass before answering a text message or sometimes do not answer.
  • If you already have something planned, never cancel your plans for it
  • Do not change your pace of life : work, family, friends …
  • Let him discover your interests .

In short, before the relationship goes to a more serious stage, the biggest secret of seduction is to refrain from any projection. 

Seduce for fun , for fun. And not to get more, because it’s the best way to scare it away.


When a man wants to see a woman again: how do you know if he's serious?

… We can say that the key word to keep a man interested is: patience. To do this, we must put aside and forget our desires to find a stable relationship right away .

Being eaten by our projections is one of the best ways to scare away a man who could be good for a potential romantic relationship .

When we project ourselves too far into the future we forget to live in the present moment and this can prevent us from really discovering the personality of the other, and ultimately, missing out on the relationship.

This is to savor every step of the seduction. Women must learn to let go, without bitterness, even when a man decides to stop following them. 

Commitment is not the Holy Grail of a romantic relationship . It is only a combinatorial like any other with its advantages and disadvantages.

Often, it turns out to be healthier to have little expectation to take full advantage of the moment . And, in case the guy chooses to flee, it will be easier to distance himself without suffering too much.

By keeping a cool head, you will manage seduction as well as possible and will be more likely to keep your man interested

When a man wants a serious relationship , he doesn’t hide, so you can find out by acting subtly and reading between the lines, without rushing things.

Finally, I hope this article has helped you determine if he really wants you and if he is serious.

If you have concluded that it is congratulations! From now on stop taking the lead and make the most of your relationship and every moment step by step.

If not, you now have a better idea of ​​how things are and you can focus your energy on finding the right person.

Keep your head up and good luck!