To Every Courageous Woman Who Left Her Violent Partner

When it comes to leaving a violent relationship, everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing to do.

They can all speak, but YOU did the right thing and I am proud of you!

I want you to know that it doesn’t matter that it took you so long to find the courage to leave. 

It doesn’t matter if you went back there several times after he attracted you with his lies that broke you.

Only you know how painful and humiliating it was to hear him tell you that you are ugly and unworthy.

Telling you that you couldn’t leave because you couldn’t survive without him.

Tell you that no one would want you for fear that someone would treat you better.

To Every Courageous Woman Who Left Her Violent Partner

Make fun of you because you think you can live without him, when in fact it was he who was afraid of losing you, and he who needed you.

Being in a violent relationship fundamentally changes you in a way that is difficult to even describe.

It is very painful and you become a different person, without even realizing what is going on.

These odious relationships and these vile partners gradually destroy you from the inside.

You slowly feel exhausted … until one day there is nothing left. You are exhausted and numb.

You become insensitive to the world, insensitive to emotions and you stop worrying about yourself and what is happening to you.

What you are going through is so painful that you no longer really care what will happen and how it will end.

You just need to stop it.

To Every Courageous Woman Who Left Her Violent Partner

There is a limit to the pain that a person is able to endure and no matter what you have done and how you have done to deal with your partner’s abusive nature, everything is acceptable. 

Whatever difficult choices you had to make to get out of it, you can be proud of yourself today, and these choices are in no way a reflection of you as a person.

They are simply the result of continuous abuse by a vicious man who did not have the right to do to you what he did to you.

If you’ve been there, know that there is nothing wrong with that. You got out of it.

You stayed in one piece and for now, that’s all that matters.

No matter what you had to resort to to get out of it, it doesn’t matter.

It got you out of there and that’s something few people can say, so be proud of yourself.

It takes time before you learn to forget what made you live and what made you.

To Every Courageous Woman Who Left Her Violent Partner

It takes time to rebuild and start from scratch.

It’s okay to feel lost right now. It is normal to feel weak and even miss this person at times.

Even if it was the worst love … feelings still need time to disappear.

It will take time before you become yourself again.

Before you can look in the mirror and recognize the woman you are.

For so long, you have relied on the most destructive type of love, that right now you no longer know how to live without it. 

Don’t feel like there is something wrong with you about feeling like that.

There is no right way to deal with abuse. Let yourself go at a pace that suits you.

Don’t feel bad about thinking it would change.

To Every Courageous Woman Who Left Her Violent Partner

I know that’s probably why you stayed so long, but I also know it’s okay. 

You trust people, even when they don’t deserve it, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.

You are so strong.

First, for having endured it all, then for surviving the violence, and only you know exactly how brutal it was, and in the end, for being away. 

The strength it took to get out of it shows how tough and resilient you are.

You stayed that long because you believed it. 

You wanted to believe that things would be better. You wanted to believe that he would get the help he needed.

You desperately wanted to believe that he would never use violence again … but when you realized that your hopes were in vain, you did the most difficult thing: you left.

And wherever you are at the level of your healing, know that I am proud of you. You did the right thing.

You have been brave. And for that, you deserve all the praise and the comfort of the world.

To Every Courageous Woman Who Left Her Violent Partner

There will be days so dark that you will not have the strength to get up.

There will be days when you will question yourself and doubt your choices.

There will be obstacles on your path to healing and during these times, remember what you did.

Remember how strong and courageous you had to be and take pride in yourself!

The pain you are feeling right now is proof that you are about to take control of your life.

And with each step you take forward, you get rid of the pain it has left you and regain control of your life.