7 times a man will deeply regret having lost a damn good woman

Usually by the time a man realizes that he has lost a worthwhile wife, it is already too late to reconsider his mistake.

One of the most painful feelings one can feel is regret.

There’s nothing like realizing what you had when it was already too late and you couldn’t get it back.

When a man realizes that a good woman is not coming as often as he hopes, a stream of regret rushes through his body and fills him with shame and sorrow.

True love doesn’t knock on your door when you want to. Really good people don’t show up when you need them. Life doesn’t work like that.

So when you have the privilege of being with a woman who makes a story out of your life, don’t let her go.

Keep it and watch over it. Maintain your relationship because you know how rare and unique it is. The link you share is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

You have to enjoy it while you still have it. Because if you don’t, you will lose it.

And over time, you will learn to deeply regret it.

There are times in a man’s life when regret for letting her go will strike deep inside, and he will know there is nothing he can do.


7 times a man will deeply regret losing a damn good woman

1. When he realizes that the love they had doesn’t come often

Sometimes people are simply unable to appreciate the good things and people in their lives before they are faced with the possibility of losing them.

And when they realize the horrible mistake they made in letting them go, they can do nothing but feel sorry for themselves and regret.

When a man is struck by the brutal reality of losing a good woman, it’s hard to swallow.

He will finally see that no other woman is comparable to her. No one will be able to love her as she loved him. No one will be able to understand the complexity of her mind as she did.

Suddenly there is a void in his life and in his heart, and it is there that he realizes that he had a woman well by his side, and that he made her go away while playing with her .

Only then will he realize the value and importance of this woman. Too bad it’s too late.

2. When he realizes that it is difficult to find authentic people with a good heart

She loved him with everything she had. She didn’t need a reason. He was everything she wanted.

And instead of offering him the same thing in return, he took it for granted, and now he’s paying the price.

Unfortunately, nowadays, everyone seems to have an ulterior motive behind every a priori disinterested gesture.

Authentic people with pure intentions have become a rare privilege to fall on.

No one likes without asking for something in return.

Everyone expects something from you, and when the harsh reality becomes too painful, he will realize how incredible the woman he let go of, and he will want to get her back

But it will no longer be an option.

Good women don’t wait for men to regain their wits. They will give you a fair chance, but if they see that you are not fully invested, they will not waste their time.

And that’s where he will realize how silly he was. When you have a woman by your side, you must not abandon her, because sooner or later you will learn to regret her.

3. When he realizes that materialism takes over and emotions are pushed into the background

One day he will meet a new woman.

They will start a relationship and everything will seem to be going well. She will love him and he will finally have the impression of having met a replacement worthy of the one he let go.

But this fantasy will not last long. Over time, he will realize that she is not motivated by love and affection, but that money plays a much more important role in her life.

She likes it, but not as much as she likes financial stability and a luxurious lifestyle. And then it will hit him.

The one he dropped had nothing to do with it.

It was made of love and respect. Of course, money was important, but not as important as a meaningful relationship with your loved one.

She would never have let something materialistic outweigh her love for him.

She was pure, authentic and caring. Just by looking at her, it showed that there was nothing in vain in her.

Just honest emotions and a desire to be loved in return. And once he realizes, it will fear, and he will have to live with this regret for a very, very long time.

4. When he realizes that she was the only one who listened to him without second thought

Having someone with whom you can have an honest heart-to-heart conversation is priceless.

And when you have that feeling with a woman who is both your spouse and your best friend, it can hardly be matched.

So when he let her go, he lost the only person who could listen to him and really understand what he was saying.

Sure, many people can listen, but how much do they really care?

She cared. She wasn’t just listening to answer, she just wanted to give him the love and support he needed.

And when he realizes what he has lost, he will understand how difficult it will be to find someone like her.

5. When he realizes that there is more in life than outings and wild parties

Every man will sooner or later realize that going out night after night is no longer something that fills him with joy as much as before.

Of course, parties are fun, and drinking more alcohol than our bodies can take is hilarious and adventurous when we are young, but after a while it is no longer fun.

We realize that life is worth much more than these frivolous and temporary things.

Life is about finding someone to grow old with and share the same state of mind. It’s about enjoying the little things with the one you love more than anything.

And when this awareness rises to the surface, he will realize that he had all this and much more with the woman he unfortunately let slip. And nothing will ever be the same again.

6. When he realizes how patient she was, even when things got tough

When a man realizes that the woman who can endure all the difficult moments, his mood swings and his treatments of silence, is the one that he must keep whatever happens, it is usually when he has already lost for good.

Few people will stay by your side when the road gets bumpy. Giving up is too easy and too frequent.

And when he sees that all the women with whom he tried to replace her are only the shadow of the one who has escaped, she will no longer be there to appease his soul.

She will be too far to care.

She gave him a chance. She was patient and understanding. And now she knows that if he can’t enjoy it while he has it, he doesn’t really deserve it.

7. When he realizes that he can surround himself with the best people in the world, but that no one is like her

The friends and family are amazing. He loves them and appreciates them. He knows that this should not be taken for granted.

But no one is like her. No one can replace the link they shared.

No one can calm him down as much as he can and make him smile, no one will brighten up his day like she does.

It is one of a kind and replacing it is a mission that will never be possible.

All the good people in the world cannot measure up to the kindness of his soul and the honesty of his eyes.

And all he can do now is hope that someday he will meet someone who will be half the woman she is. It is a daunting challenge, but there is always hope.

Losing it was the stupidest thing he had ever done, and now he is paying a heavy price.