8 signs that prove you are the woman of his dreams

No matter how complicated the dating and dating world may seem, there is one thing for sure: when a man sees you as the woman of his dreams, he will make sure you let him know too!

He will do everything to make you feel special through his words, actions and gestures.

Unfortunately, sometimes we women misinterpret certain signs because we pay too much attention to those who are of little importance.

But, there are a few signs that every guy will show when he sees you (and treats you) as a dream come true!

So, if he still hasn’t told you that you are the woman of his dreams but that he shows these 8 signs, you can be sure that you are the girl of which he dreams, and that you are the only one and the unique for him!

1. He doesn’t play mind games with you

First and foremost, a man who is genuinely interested in keeping his wife never, but never, plays mind games with her.

He will never make you think too much about his behavior or worry about his actions.

He will always be honest with you, and you will feel that you can trust him because he will make sure that you know you are his number one priority and that he would never hurt you in any way. another.

2. He is very committed

He is a real gentleman and he treats you like a lady because in his eyes you are his most precious “good” which he must take care of.

He will treat you with respect, like the lady you are, and he will never make you doubt his loyalty.

He will be very involved in all aspects of your relationship, and he will constantly strive to make things better and make you smile.

He will be ready to work on himself as well as on the relationship, and this will be evident in his words and actions.

3. He talks to you about the future

He talks about the future with you because you are the one he has always dreamed of and now, that he has finally found you, he wants to make sure that he will stay with you forever.

He wants to make sure that your face will be the last thing he sees when he goes to bed at night and the first thing when he wakes up in the morning.

Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to him, and a future without you would be like a summer without the Sun. You are its sun, its heart, its moon and its stars, its future.

4. He lost interest in other women

He no longer notices other women because you are the only woman who interests him.

He loves you inside and out, and he would never think of replacing you with another or cheating on you.

Other women are like ghosts to him because, no matter how they dress or speak, they simply will never be you, and they will never be able to replace you.

It only focuses on you. You are his little world he discovered, and he has sworn that he will fight to keep it that way.

5. He always wants to be in contact with you

When you are not together, he always makes sure to call you or send you a message.

He always tells you how much he misses you and how much he looks forward to seeing you again, hugging you tightly and never leaving you again.

He always wants to know your plans, your preferences, your plans or your problems, and he always wants to be at your service because your happiness is a reflection of his.

6. He is always happy when he is near you

When you are together, his eyes sparkle and his smile becomes twice as big. He is obviously always happy near you, whatever you do.

This is so because you are his best friend, his sister, his lover and the woman of his dreams.

Whenever he is with you, he instantly becomes happy because of your mere presence.

The feeling of being near you is so powerful for him that it instantly triggers joy.

7. He gives you little nicknames

He rarely calls you by your first name. Instead, most of the time, he calls you by cute little nicknames that he invented especially for you.

Also, it tells you that you are beautiful, adorable and wonderful because it really means it!

Even if you think you have a lot of flaws and you are far from perfect, for him, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and the woman of his dreams.

And he feels like it’s his duty to let you know all of that by giving you sweet nicknames and enjoying the simple fact of seeing you smile.

8. You feel it in your guts

When a woman is treated as she deserves and is devotedly loved, she always feels it in her gut.

His intuition tells him what his mind cannot. You know you are the woman of your dreams when you feel like you are.

You feel deep inside you that he values ​​you, that he respects you and that you are everything he always wanted because he makes you feel like that.

It does all of this because its main purpose is to make you happy and to keep winning your heart.