5 invisible scars that emotionally neglected women wear through their romantic relationships

The people we spend most of our time with are the people who ultimately shape us as human beings.

And it is an undeniable thing.

The people around you are the ones who have the greatest effect on you.

And since our partners are those with whom we spend the majority of our time, it is therefore not surprising that they have the greatest hold over us.

Women who are in relationships where their needs are not met and where they feel lonely and neglected tend to carry emotional scars in their future relationships.

When a woman spends most of her time in the company of an emotionally neglected man, this leaves an important mark on her.

It is not something you can see with your eyes, but rather something that it keeps well hidden but deeply ingrained!

Due to unhealthy and toxic relationships, women develop a severely distorted image of themselves that has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with men who do everything to make them feel small and helpless. value.

And when the woman has finally found the inner strength to get out of this horrible environment, she is no longer the same as before.

The harsh words she used to hear never leave her mind and continue to echo in her head.

The controlling nature of his partner makes him difficult and scares him to finally find his freedom.

The distorted image of herself never being up to her haunts her so much that she can no longer look in the mirror without seeing failure.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The effects of an emotionally unsatisfactory and toxic relationship are really serious, and the longer you are exposed to it, the more difficult it is to feel yourself again.

Emotional neglect leaves the following 5 scars on a woman, and she will carry them for a long time.

1. She develops attachment problems and the fear of being rejected

When a woman lacks love, support and emotional stability, she is made to believe that this is what she deserves.

Having an unavailable, unloving and incoherent partner teaches him not to open up to others. And over time, that’s exactly what will happen.

When you spend enough time in this environment, you begin to believe that this is what you will get each time, so you adapt and learn to wait for rejection.

Expecting people to love you and stay by your side just becomes a fairy tale, and you dare not ask anyone because you are so used to rejection.

2. She always expects to be disappointed and cannot trust anyone.

Having a partner who is emotionally absent and who keeps pushing you away teaches you that you can’t really trust him or trust anyone after him.

Whenever someone approaches you, you expect them to disappoint you.

Even when they really want to do well, you hesitate to trust them because experience has taught you to always be careful and stay alert.

You learned the hard way that no one is there to protect you and keep you safe, so you learn to manage everything on your own, even if you desperately need someone to help you.

You stop feeling secure in your relationships, so you choose to be alone, because you’re the only one you can really trust.

3. She puts herself and her needs last

When you are emotionally neglected, you are not used to having your needs heard, let alone met.

You think that what you want does not matter and therefore you should not dare to ask for anything.

And even when you receive attention, you are so grateful that you could not imagine asking for more.

You are sad, on the verge of depression and completely dissatisfied, and to change something about it seems selfish, because you simply do not have the habit of putting yourself first.

Your needs have never been important, and it will take time before you learn to fight for what you want and what you need.

4. She is guided by fear of failure

We never told her that everything she did was good. She never had a nice word, if only for the effort she always made. Failure is the only word she knows.

And unfortunately, that’s what leads her through life.

Whatever she does, she’s afraid of failing. It has never been said to him that there is nothing wrong with not always succeeding in life.

She does not even know that she is doing very well in fact, even if, on occasion, she hits an obstacle.

She always thinks of failure, and it is because of her emotionally abusive ex that it is so!

5. She does not feel worthy of love and attention

It’s the biggest emotional scar he has left. She thinks she is worth nothing, that she does not deserve love and that she has no right to ask for it.

It is selfish to seek attention and she should be thankful for all the little crumbs of affection she receives.

She has never been overwhelmed with love and has never been told how amazing and strong she is.

She was covered in a dark cloud of self-doubt and there was nothing she could do to escape it.

Now, even if she meets someone nice and with real intentions, it will take a long time before she can believe that she deserves her affection.

She has never had a loving journey so far … and that left her hurt.

But she never gave up on herself, and she won’t give up!

Having been emotionally neglected may have broken it, but it is not irreparable.

She just needs a little time and support, and she can thrive again. Watch her do it!