6 Things To Do When He’s Just dragging you

When you love someone, you never think you’re going to be dragged by that person.

When you run into a problem, you believe it is something that all couples face and will pass.

But there are problems that cannot be ignored and the sooner you accept them the easier it will be for you.

For example when you are trapped by someone who is your whole world.

When this happens, you stop believing in love and you lose hope that someone will love you as you deserve.

But this is the moment when you must act and especially not feel sorry for yourself.

Come on, you’re not going to let a man treat you like shit and get away with it.

Maybe some of the following can help you get back on your feet and restore your faith in love.

1. Cut off all contact with him

If something so bothersome has happened, the first thing you should do is cut off all possible contact with it.

That means no messages on social media, no texting, no phone calls and no communication if you see it in person.

You should stay as far away from him as possible, because staying close to him will only make things worse.

If you answer his calls or messages, he will start to believe that he can win you back and he will try to do so.

But once you stop communicating with him, he will see that you are not as easy as he thought.

Trust me, your indifference will do him more harm than any curse, so play smart and not be available to him.

2. Don’t blame yourself

The worst thing that can happen is that you start to blame yourself and to forgive him for everything he did to you. Let him go and be seen!

He’s the culprit and he should hide his tail between his legs and disappear from your life. And you should move on as if it didn’t exist.

Do you know why ? Because an asshole like him doesn’t even deserve a tear from your eye.

He never deserved you, but you were blinded by love and couldn’t see his true face.

So now that you know how it is, you should avoid it.

Don’t think you were the culprit. If you show him that you regret letting him go, he will take this opportunity to try to sneak into your life again.

Be confident and know what you want. It’s the only way to get where you want to be.

3. Do not change your person in any way

Just because a man was not good for you does not mean that someone else will not be your perfect partner.

So whatever you do, don’t change who you really are. If you are cheerful and easy going, stay true to yourself. Don’t get small just to make a man look tall.

Don’t just burn to be someone else’s light. Instead, after such a thing happened to you, get out of this situation stronger than ever.

Show him that you can do much better than him and that his mind games didn’t destroy you, but just made you stronger.

4. Find someone else

I’m not saying you have to jump into someone’s bed the day after the breakup, but after you feel ready, open your heart to someone new.

And this time, be smarter and more curious. Give yourself more time to get to know him and don’t tell him you’re always available for him.

Show her that she has to go the extra mile to convince you because you are a woman of great worth.

If you respect yourself enough, he will respect you too.

Be with someone you feel comfortable with and never do things you don’t like, just to make them feel better about themselves.

Only then can you find true happiness and be able to be the best version of yourself in a romantic relationship.

5. Move on

One smart thing you can do after finding out that it made you walk is to move on.

Ok, it didn’t work with him. So what ? Isn’t he the only man in the world? Of course not, so why worry for so little?

I know it will be difficult at first because you will think about it a lot, but after a while, piece by piece, everything will fall into place like a puzzle.

You will regret not having left it sooner because you will feel so powerful and great once it is no longer part of your life.

It’s never too late for the right things, right? So go for it and start a new chapter in your life, but this time with someone who is truly worthy of you.

6. Forget everything about him

I know it will not be easy to forget about it once you break up, but you will eventually succeed.

The most important thing is not to talk too much about it to your friends and family. When you avoid talking about someone, you start to forget them little by little.

In romantic relationships, it is a little longer process because a lot of feelings are at stake, but if you follow the no contact rule and if you avoid talking about him, you will get there.

Even if you feel it will always be on your mind, God will send you someone who will take your full attention and you will never think about your ex again.

Each of us gets what we deserve, but good things don’t happen overnight.

You will have to wait a little longer for the right person to arrive, but in the end, you will find the one who will love you more than yourself, and who will kiss you every morning, telling you how lucky he is to have you. .