6 Things You Might Consider Deception Even If They’re Not Physical

We all know what it means to deceive . It is the disrespect of the person that we love to the point of forgetting all the good times shared, simply because we can no longer trust them.

Today, with all the new means of communication and social networks, there are completely new ways of deceiving that have developed.

When you think about it, you will find that all of the following things count as deception, even if they have nothing to do with physical contact.

1. Deleting messages

It is good to want to clear the waste from the phone and free up memory, but if by browsing your phone you did not find any messages, you should worry.

Deleting all your messages is a way to hide what you are doing and to be honest with your partner.

Can you really trust someone like that?

If he thinks what he is hiding will make you angry, that means he probably is.

2. Having a friend “too close”

No one in the world will tell you that you should abandon your friends for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but when you are in a relationship, you are supposed to keep a distance from people who can develop feelings towards you.

For the same reason, if you see him being too close to a friend, having too much physical contact with her, having internal jokes or simply excluding yourself from their world, know that it is also a way of being cheated.

3. Be active on dating sites

The reason people create a profile on a dating site is because they want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend – someone to identify with or at least someone to spend the night with.

So why would someone keep their Tinder account if they aren’t looking for these things?

Wasn’t he supposed to delete all of these profiles once he started dating someone?

This is why, if you hear that your partner is active on dating sites, you have the right to talk to him about it!

4. “Mater” of other people

Whether it’s before your eyes or you’ve just been told that your partner has been watching and / or flirting with someone else, it’s considered deception.

Don’t let someone make fun of you by making you think their flirting is harmless, because if they were serious about you, they would only have eyes for you.

Holding your hand while looking at another woman in a miniskirt is really disrespectful.

5. Keep in touch with an ex

Staying friends with your ex is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you have someone new in your life.

But hanging out with your ex, texting and / or sleeping with stuffed animals that were offered to you by your ex are all disrespectful things.

Did he tell you that they dated each other as friends when he knows very well that it bothers you?

It doesn’t matter if they are intimate or not at the moment, they were at some point and nothing can prevent them from reliving this fantasy.

6. The s**xtos

It is not physical, but it is closest to the physical deception that one can have.

It is heartbreaking to see your partner send n**de photos and / or write s**xual scripts for someone else.

It is just not natural to fantasize about having s**x with someone else while you are in a committed relationship with someone you say you love.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what is considered to be deception and not.

If something makes you anxious and your partner still continues to do so, it is because he is really not loyal to you.

Set limits that will determine what you think is acceptable and what you don’t, and discuss it with your partner. This is about your long-term mutual happiness.