The 5 Most Harmful Things A Narcissist Will Inflict On You

Under normal circumstances, the worst result of a sudden break is a broken heart. Unless you are involved with a narcissist.

Make no mistake – I am not trying to pretend that a broken heart is not a big deal since it is certainly one of the most painful things we can experience.

That said, narcissists do not stop breaking your heart and the consequences of having a relationship with them are much more serious.

1. they will devalue you

The first thing any narcissist tries to do from the start is to devalue their victim. And what’s even worse is that at first they do it without you noticing.

You see, narcissists have a huge problem of low self-esteem.

They do not feel good about themselves, even when they pretend to be the most confident person there is.

And the only way they can feel equal to you is to lower yourself to their level.

They know they will not be able to control the independent and strong woman that you are used to.

So the narcissist makes it a point to distort your image of yourself.

He will feed your insecurities and do everything in his power so that your image of yourself is reduced to the strict minimum.

2. they will cloud your mind

When a narcissist confuses you, he makes you doubt your sanity and he tries to convince you that you are crazy, when it is actually the opposite.

This man will make you doubt your own words and your own gestures.

He will lie to you, manipulate you and try to convince you of something that is not true, just so that you end up as the villain in the story.

It will distort everything that goes on between you until it completely enters your head and you start to believe everything it says.

3. they will make you feel guilty

Narcissists do not have a sense of responsibility. And even when they know they are guilty, they will never admit it to anyone, let alone their victim.

Each narcissist has their own way of making excuses and justifying their toxic behavior.

But it doesn’t stop there – it also wants to persuade you that it is you who is responsible for everything that is wrong with your relationship.

Of course, at the beginning, you know very well how things are. But in the end, he manages to convince you that you are the cause of all the problems in your relationship and that you are the one who should change at best.

Even when a narcissist acts as if he is taking guilt, he does so in a twisted and sick manner.

Even when he asks for forgiveness and admits that he is guilty of having done something, he will manipulate you into making you believe that it was you who made him act and who caused him.

In the end, you will start to think that you deserved it and that you deserve everything it does to you. And this has been his plan from the start.

4. they will change the background of your personality

As we said before, narcissists don’t stop breaking your heart.

No, they need to crush you completely and break your mind by any means possible.

After spending years with someone like him, you find it hard to recognize yourself because he erases all traces of the person you were before he entered your life.

You completely lose yourself in this quest for happiness alongside the bad man.

And when a narcissist sees that he has succeeded in his intentions, he thinks he has won.

He knows that he has managed to leave a permanent mark on your personality and that boosts his ego disproportionately.

5. they will make you lose faith

Getting away from a narcissist is one of the hardest things to do. And if it’s something you’ve been through, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But healing after narcissistic abuse is even more difficult. You see, a narcissist makes you lose confidence in men and people in general.

This man has caused you so much harm that it’s only natural that you would expect everyone else in life to treat you the same.

You think that everyone intends to break your heart and that there is no man on this planet who will see your worth and who will love you for real.

And the worst part is that narcissists make you lose confidence in yourself. They convince you that you are the unloved and that you do not deserve to find true love.

They make you think you are good for nothing and crush your self-esteem for good.