If you have to bend over backwards to be with him, it’s because he’s not the right one

It is very difficult to be the one who makes all the efforts, while the other does absolutely nothing.

We bend over backwards for someone, we do everything possible to make the relationship with them work, while knowing that it is useless… But it is stronger than you.

You care so much about him that you keep trying, in the hopes that he will do the same. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely.

Your feelings should not exhaust you.

Of course, relationships require investment, but that investment must come from both sides.

It is about giving, as much as receiving, and you can no longer keep giving, without ever receiving anything in return.

You will end up exhausting all your strength. You will lack tenderness. And you will miss someone to rely on.

You will lack all that you give in your great dedication.

You will miss yourself because without even realizing it, you will be psychologically emptied and will have nothing more to give, neither to others, nor to yourself.

In a relationship, you should never take the role of a martyr. True love does not require as much sacrifice.

You have given him so much that there is nothing left for you.

He certainly should not act as if your heart was won over to him. He shouldn’t expect you to call or write to him when he hasn’t heard from you in hours or days.

He should not count on you to organize outings and do the utmost so that you can find yourself.

He should not take it for granted that you will always be there when he needs it.

It should not come and go in your life, assuming that you have the ability to press the on / off switch of your heart at will.

You may be used to this, but that’s not how it should be.

You will most likely come to a point where all of this will seem normal to you, even if it is far from it.

You are used to things going wrong and you have accepted it.

But here’s your booster shot. Now is the time to stop fighting for someone you don’t like.

The time has come to stop being the mat on which he wipes his feet.

You should be the light of his world and not someone he can walk on.

You have to realize that you deserve better. You deserve a love that is made of gifts. You deserve someone to lean on.

Someone you can call or wake up in the middle of the night because you’ve had a nightmare.

Someone who makes you laugh and likes to watch you smile. Someone who respects you.

Someone who does all these little things that mean a lot, like writing to you regularly and scheduling outings.

Someone who gets involved and invests just as much as you in your relationship.

Everything else is not enough. Everything else is just crumbs. Everything else amounts to forcing a relationship that is not supposed to exist.

The bad sides should not outweigh the good.

Your feelings shouldn’t go from happiness to sadness, depending on the mood of the day.

Of course, we all have bad days, but that doesn’t mean that we can hurt each other or treat them as less than nothing.

Love is kind and it should never hurt you.

It should never lead you to feel nonexistent and ridiculously insignificant. It should never make you feel lonely.

True love can never stand being one way.

It requires balance. It requires a mutual investment. It needs to move from one person to another. It requires reciprocity. Without it, he cannot survive.

You know it very well. Just listen to your heart and you will see that it is almost empty. He lacks affection, attention, and above all self-esteem.

If he was really good, you wouldn’t have to bend over backward to be with him.

You shouldn’t have to do as much work to keep it in your life. You shouldn’t have to do the same for him to treat you properly.

You shouldn’t be forced to decipher its contradictory signals and be the one who makes all the effort and gives the most.

He should be there too. He should return everything he receives. He should be there against all odds. He should be with you in this relationship. And that’s the only truth there is.

In love, it takes two. It takes two people holding on to each other and capable of anything to stay together.