If He Does These 5 Things, It Is Like He Loses You

I bet you’ve already known relationships that have fallen apart. Maybe you didn’t really know why, but you no doubt wondered how to make him understand that he was losing you?

Sometimes this approach does not work and everything goes to waste.

But it’s still worth a try, because this tactic can still work and allow him to realize that you won’t last long if he continues to behave as he does.

How do you know you’ve accomplished your mission and made him realize that he’s behaving like an idiot and that you’re not going to last long?

Easy, just follow the little tips below to make sure he understands that if he doesn’t change, he will lose you.

1. He will become emotional

He will open his heart to you. He may even cry hot, because you mean a lot to him and he doesn’t want to lose you.

He does not support the idea that you can be with someone other than him.

That’s true love – too bad it took him so long to realize what treasure he has in his hands, but he finally realizes it!

He will never explain to you clearly why he is crying, but there is no other explanation. Boys don’t cry all the time and for no reason.

They only cry when they are very afraid or when they fear losing the thing they love most – you in this case.

2. He will have his head elsewhere

When you do something together, it won’t be there. Finally, he will be there physically, but he will have his head elsewhere.

It’s because you disturb him. Perhaps he feels that you are moving away and that your couple is taking a wrong path, a path that leads to separation.

It’s strange, because he wants to be there for you, he wants to see you more because he is afraid of losing you, but when you are together, he is worried, nervous and anxious.

It is clearly a sign that he is afraid of losing you, especially if it is something he has already told you about.

3. He plays it safe

He no longer takes too many risks. He is very careful, because he does not want to do something that would make you run away.

He does not always say what he thinks and he no longer thinks outside the box. He sticks to the basics and things he is 100% certain of.

You will notice that his behavior is changing and once again he will not answer you clearly if you ask him why, at least not at first.

But be sure that it is because he is afraid that you will leave him and it is for this reason that he is also careful.

4. You will become his number one priority

There will be nothing more important than you. I suppose it should have been long ago, but better late than never!

He will give up anything he did if you asked him to come find you.

Nothing will be more important to him than you. And all this, because he’s really terrified of losing you.

All this because he really loves you and wants to keep you in his life forever.

5. He will involve you more in his life

He will show interest in you and all the things you do. He will want to spend more time with you and get to know you again.

He realized that over time he started taking you for granted and now he’s sorry. He wants to catch up by spending more time with you.

He will invite you out. He will call you to join him and his friends when they are out.

He will invite you to special events and suggest that you find a common hobby.

He will do everything he can to “get you back”.