If You Let Her Go, Here’s What You Will Miss

You no longer see any reason to stay. It is not very serious, but what reason explains why you left her?

If you leave her, she will not try to make you stay, because she will not stoop to beg someone to get her attention and understanding.

She will not even ask you to explain yourself, because your reasons have no value in her eyes. You will lose it and it will continue to respect itself.

You’d like to know why? Let’s say that you are about to leave the only woman who could have loved you passionately and would have liked to accompany you in health as in illness.

Before you finally decide to leave, you should know that at the beginning, you will enjoy yourself, you will think you are free and able to do anything you want.

But wait until that joy wears off and you will find yourself feeling like you are missing something.

Something very important is missing and you cannot recover it. It’s her. She will be missed.

At first, you will feel like you have everything you always wanted.

You will have found your freedom. But this insidious feeling of lack will gradually devour you.

This is where you will remember her strength, her way of looking you straight in the eyes, and telling you what is bothering her, even if she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

You will find it in each unknown person. Every woman who looks a little like her will remind you of your mistake.

You will hear her voice and look around, trying to find her … But she will not be there. She will never be there again.

This is where you will start to fall into despair and will most likely try to call or write to him. But, she will not answer you.

And that’s where it will hit you, violently. You will remember her loyalty, because it was entirely yours.

It made your life easier, didn’t it? You had never been with a woman making so much effort for your couple.

Remembering his way of stuffing all the guys who were trying to get his number will destroy you, because you will be missing a woman who only wanted you – no one but you.

Are you sorry now? Well, don’t even bother apologizing.

She will not stoop to come back to someone who has never known how to appreciate her.

You took it for granted and now you are looking for it in each of the women you are trying to bond with.

All these women play and frolic with the feelings of others and you, you remember her again … Because she was terribly frank, always honest about everything.

You will miss her, as you have missed her all those times when you have not been there for her.

She had no one to talk to and yet she kept making excuses for your absence; when she knew you were just spoiling everything. But she stayed by your side, hoping that you would change.

His way of forgiving you for your mistakes will be missed. His way of loving you unconditionally will be missed.

She and her green eyes will be missed. You will miss his kisses, his hugs and his way of calling you by your first name.

You can never find someone like her again. This is why you will continue to miss her.

It is even possible that you enter into another happy relationship, but you will think of it from time to time, it will have her place in your mind.

And you will be unable to get rid of the thought of losing someone as precious as she is.

You lost her, because you thought it would be more fun to try something new.

You left her and now you have to face the consequences – that you miss her for the rest of your life.