5 horrible ways in which dating a toxic man changes you

We are always warned that dating a toxic man can damage self-esteem, but that’s not all it can do.

Without even realizing it, you transform yourself into another person.

When you go out with a guy like that, his behavior can rub off on you, and whether you like it or not, you may find yourself imitating his behavior without even realizing it.

I know that since it happened to me. I was a totally different person before I dated a toxic guy.

I was kind, thankful and always there for my friends, but over time I started to realize how his behavior had affected mine, and how much I had changed for the worse.

I really didn’t like the person I had become, and as soon as I started to realize it, I made some changes in my life, after I broke up with him.

Here are ways that dating a toxic man has changed me for the worse, hoping you won’t let that happen to you.

1. It made me lack confidence

As if the lack of self-esteem was not enough, it made me feel so insecure. The worst feeling that can be is when you don’t have self-confidence.

And the only reason was the constant pile of lies he fed me every day. It made me doubt my sanity, and I even thought I was going crazy for a while.

2. I became extremely anxious

It was madness. I was never sure of anything, and I always expected that I would lose the other shoe too.

It was due to his mood swings and the fact that he left me in the dark many times. Even on date nights, I always wondered if he would come or drop me.

What he tended to do, without even calling to say that he would not come. I was madly anxious and my mind was never quiet.

3. I became selfish

I hated it the most! He was selfish, but I fell into his patterns and I was not there when my friends needed me.

I was always trying to be there for him, and the result was that I completely neglected my friends and the people I love so much.

I always complained about my fatigue, my frustration and my neglect, so that I forgot to give them a chance to confide in me.

Toxic men can be so needy, and I guess it rubbed off on me too. I forgot to be a good friend, but luckily I regained my senses.

4. I lost sight of the things that mattered to me

When you are in a relationship with a toxic man, all of your attention is on him and on meeting his needs. I was always in second.

The things I liked to do before I met him were put aside. My LIFE has become a secondary priority.

I lost the sense of the things that were important to me, because of his selfishness and his self-centeredness. Never let this happen to you. Learn from my mistakes.

5. It made me physically sick

I was so stressed all the time that it started to affect my physical health. I had never been sick.

I have rarely had health problems, so when I started having inexplicable headaches, stomach pain, and dizziness for no apparent reason – while I was dating my toxic boyfriend – it started to get sense.

My mental health suffered so much from being exposed to his bullshit on a daily basis, that it started to reflect on my physical health.

I was starting to lose my health, and this guy came out of my life as soon as I realized these things.

It really was not worth the pain, and if I could go back in time, I would choose never to have encountered it in the first place.

Nothing good could have come out of a relationship with her poor ass and thank God, I regained my senses.

Now, I feel better prepared to go out with a normal guy, and psychically, I’ve never felt better.

I’m thriving and I have no tolerance for poisonous guys who might come to me. I’m finally done with this.

Nothing and no one is worth losing yourself.