8 Reasons Why He Suddenly Stopped Sending You Messages

1. He’s busy

Maybe he stopped texting you because he’s super busy at work and can’t take a break from chatting.

You don’t need to panic right away, but wait until evening to see what’s going on.

If he doesn’t respond after he comes home, you can text him to see what’s going on.

I am sure he will have a good reason for not contacting you. And if he has already shown you that he likes you, you have nothing to fear.

2. He thinks you are suffocating him

Some women can be very pushy, especially at the start of a relationship. And some guys really don’t like it.

So whatever you do, don’t smother it with too many texts. Let him take the first step.

He’s the one who should make an effort if he wants to conquer you. Play hard to have for a while and if you see he’s a good guy, then give him a chance.

And then, “choke it” in person, I bet he’ll prefer it more.

3. You said something that offended him

You may have said something that is not mean at all, but it offended your guy and now he just needs a little time to think about it.

There are things that men and women don’t see the same way, so don’t be too hard on him.

Give it a little time and it will call you back. Once you get to know him better, you will know what he likes and what can upset him.

4. You are always the first to encourage contact

I understand that you like him and that you would like to talk to him nonstop. But brake for a second and think like a guy.

If he sees that you are always the first to send him a text message, he may lose interest in you.

So wait for him to send you a message first, and show him that you have a fulfilled life, even if he is not there.

Don’t let him see that you’re depressed when he’s not around, but behave normally no matter how much you love him.

5. He doesn’t want the same thing as you

Maybe you want something serious and he, for his part, just wants something without ties.

Maybe that’s why he stopped texting you even though everything was fine between you.

If nothing changes and you see that you are the only one making an effort, sit down and talk openly to her.

It doesn’t matter if you have different expectations, but it would be nice if he admits it. You surely don’t deserve someone who will make you walk and make a fool of yourself.

6. You’re just her as**h**le

Guys can be very sneaky and make you think they really care about you. If he’s texting you late at night and all of his messages have a s**xual context, then you should know that you’re just his as**h**le.

Maybe he’s sending messages to other girls at the same time, and waiting for responses from all of you.

You shouldn’t be supporting a guy like that, not even a second’s story, so tell him to retire, and live your life in peace.

Remember that it is better to be alone than in bad company.

7. You shared too much personal information with him

If you told him the story of your life and you don’t know him well, chances are he was scared and that is the main reason why he doesn’t answer you anymore.

This is why you should never share anything important with a man before you know him better.

A man deflates when a woman he likes opens up to him because he thinks she wants to get married immediately. I know it’s a weird way of looking at it, but that’s how it is.

8. He’s already in a relationship

It hurts, but it’s true – some guys are texting to see if you’re going to fall for this.

And when that happens, they will play ghosts. They will pretend that you do not exist because they will understand that you want a relationship.

Guys like that are real morons, and they will do it with a lot of women just to boost their ego.

They will, whether or not they have a long-term relationship. It is like a drug for them and they cannot control their behavior.