We tend to romanticize men who are bad for us.

It is time for women to stop tolerating guys who treat them like shit, to stop justifying them by saying that they are too “complicated”. That is enough!

We should not accept someone who does horrible things to us, and then use our compassion and understanding.

If you are with a guy who is apologizing for saying that he is complicated, then you should read these 5 signs carefully, because it could easily turn out to be just a bugger bastard.

1. Everything seems to be going well, but suddenly it moves away from you without any explanation

You have started going out and all is well. Then it suddenly folds up and starts to ignore you.

He later justifies it by telling you that he is scared and confused by his love for you. In fact, he doesn’t know what he really wants, and he’s playing with you.

You don’t need that, because real men don’t play.

2. He justifies his abusive behavior towards you by saying that he is going through a very difficult period in his life

He treats you very badly, mistreats you verbally, emotionally and/or physically, then he explains to you that the reason for all the bullshit he does is simply the fact that he is going through a very difficult period of his life.

But nobody has the right to treat you like shit just because he’s not doing well.

You should not tolerate someone who does not respect you, whatever his excuse!

3. He’s extremely romantic, BUT only when he needs something in return, OR when he crawls towards you after you’ve decided to leave him because of the bad things he did

It is the oldest tour in the world. They get so romantic and sweet when they need something in return.

You will thank God for finally having started to show his “repressed” love.

I hate to burst your cloud, but it does it only because it wants something from you.

Most often, this is a manipulation tactic to get into your panties. Still you can do better than that!

The other disgusting reason for pretending to be his affection is when he sees that you are done with him after all he has done.

So he’ll try to trap you by pretending to be so loving, just so you forgive him. You may think it has changed, but these people will NEVER change.

4. He has no real friends

When you go out with a guy for a while, normally you meet the people around him.

So if you notice that there is literally not a single person who is their true friend, it is a huge red warning sign.

Even if we are all complicated, there is always someone who will see good in us.

However, if this guy has no close friends, you should think twice. Why is this so?

It’s probably because everyone around him recognized him as a manipulator and kicked him out of their lives.

5. He makes you do things you don’t like to show him your love

He is sensible. He is fragile. He needs a lot more love and affection than anyone else.

So you’ve decided to prove your love in any way you can.

The result? He uses it to manipulate you and get what he needs, for example: your constant presence, s**x, your money, etc.

Ultimately, you will feel trapped and unhappy. Whenever you focus on something or someone else, it will accuse you of being selfish.

It can make you think you are neglecting it because it has the power to manipulate you.

Dear ladies, be careful and intelligent. Most of the time, things are not what they seem.

Don’t let toxic handlers trap you. And remember, it’s not your fault, it’s just a bastard!