In order to understand narcissistic behavior, you must have met someone who suffers from the said disease, have seen it with your own eyes; otherwise, you wouldn’t believe it if someone told you what they can do to get their way.

People with a narcissistic personality disorder consider themselves to be highly grandiose; lack empathy for others and have an excessive need to be admired.

They believe they deserve special treatment and are the best at what they do.

These characteristics do not appear until late, when the person reaches adulthood, becomes s**xually mature and ready to start married life.

At first, the problem is not obvious since someone with a narcissistic personality disorder does not need to share anything with others.

In reality it is, but only with your family and there is a real difference between family life and married life.

When one is engaged in a relationship, one must be able to find compromises, to share one’s fears and deepest secrets with the loved one.

A narcissist is unable to do this. A narcissist is unable to show empathy or interest in anyone other than himself.

These people think they are very special in every way possible and are looking for people who, on the contrary, do not think they are special in any way.

It is a way to feed their ego and self-esteem, which is usually very low below the surface.

They cannot stand criticism and need people who hold them in high regard.

If you do the opposite, they will take it out on you because you have insulted and threatened what they value most – themselves.

The best I can wish you is never to be confronted with a narcissist but unfortunately, many of us are not so lucky and we end up fighting the darkness in which they have plunged us.