How many nights did you spend awake wondering if he thought of you as much as you thought of him?

How many nights did you spend wondering if he was being honest when he said he missed you?

How many times have you prayed for it to be true and looked for a way to find out if you really missed it?

We are all curious about those we have been close to at one time or another.

We would like to go back and do certain things differently.

Perhaps you are one of those lucky ones who still have the opportunity to correct their situation.

Maybe the answer to the question ‘do you miss him’ is YES!

To let you know if you really miss him, we’ve put together a list of 14 signs that are supposed to dispel all of your doubts, so keep reading!

1. He really misses you if he asks you to send him a picture of yourself

And we’re not talking about the ones you think about, the ones you regret sending almost immediately.

We are talking about touching selfies, photos of you in pajamas, wearing an old sweater or any other photo showing you natural.

In fact, it asks you for these photos to have something to look at throughout the day.

Something that reminds him of your moments together and that allows him to live in this illusion, according to which it is still important to you.

2. He really misses you if he responds to your messages immediately

He’s the one who starts most of your conversations, and if he continues to write to you after you’ve answered him, it’s a clear sign that he misses you.

The time it takes to respond to your messages will tell you how much you miss him.

He will likely want to appear hopeless and may wait a bit before responding, but if you miss him deeply, he will likely find it hard to keep from responding to you instantly.

3. He really misses you if he calls you in FaceTime rather than on the phone

Just hearing your voice is not enough to satisfy his thirst for you and that is why he opts for Facetime.

He wants to see and hear you at the same time and if not in the flesh, as much as it is via video.

He will probably have prepared some jokes, so as to make you smile…

Perhaps also to remind you of how good you were when you were together and that everything was going well.

4. He really misses you if he likes your old photos

Do you know that feeling when you have lowered someone’s Instagram feed for one or two years and pray that you won’t accidentally double click?

Well he is not afraid to click on ‘I like’.

Maybe he likes your old photos voluntarily, so that you know he has put your whole profile together and that he is thinking of you.

5. He really misses you if he gets angry for no apparent reason

You may remember him as a calm boy, but suddenly he got angry and got angry for no real reason.

The strange thing is that he has no reason to get mad at you but does it anyway.

You must understand that he does not get angry just for pleasure, that he does not project his anger for another reason either; he’s actually mad at him because he misses you.

He is angry, certainly because he has bad feedback from you and cannot control his feelings.

6. He really misses you if he posts sounds that allow him to remember you

Maybe you had a song or there are songs that he often dedicated to you or that he always put on at special events.

If he publishes them, knowing full well that you will see them, it is a sign clearly indicating that he misses you and the time spent together.

It is his way of expressing his feelings and perhaps of telling you about his nostalgia for the good old days.

7. He really misses you if he calls you several times in a row

When you were still together, maybe he didn’t bother calling you, but now suddenly he starts calling you several times in a row if you don’t pick up the phone.

And when you end up hanging up, he tells you very mundane things, like “hi, how are you? ”Maybe you will get mad at him because of his multiple calls…

But he’ll have made a good excuse or even be brave enough to invite you over for coffee.

In fact, he has been disturbed for some time now and will not even realize that he has done something wrong.

8. He really misses you if he still keeps all your gifts

I don’t know about you, but there are many who hurry to throw away all the things that remind them of their ex or the difficult times they went through.

So, if he still has the gifts you gave him and if he still wears the sweater that you gave him when everything was going well between you, it is an obvious sign that he secretly hopes that everything will go back to normal. before.

9. He really misses you if he’s not as sociable as he used to be

In terms of relationships, men often need a little more time to digest things and perhaps soon he will see clearly and finally understand what happened between you.

This can lead to him being less sociable than he used to or spending time alone rather than going out and sending Snapchat.

If you miss him, it will undoubtedly affect his social life and he will want to be alone with his memories.

10. He really misses you if he’s trying to improve his appearance

He will also make sure you notice it.

He wants to move up a gear and if you see him doing this work on him (when he didn’t really care how he looked when you were together), that may be a sign that he became aware of what was wrong and is trying to fix things.

It may also be a sign that he is preparing to return to your life.

11. He really misses you if he keeps going to the places you used to go together

If he was never the sentimental type and used to frequent a multitude of places, but now you see him going to all the places where you used to spend time together, it’s a sign that clearly misses you.

Keeping going to places where you used to go together can mean two things – either he relives old memories, or he secretly hopes to meet you there.

Either way, it clearly indicates that you miss him.

12. He really misses you if he tries to remind you of your good times

He won’t talk about all of your arguments, bad times, or mistakes, but as soon as you start chatting again, he’ll be more than happy to mention all the good times you’ve had.

He will try to gently awaken all of the feelings he is having in you, hoping that you can be on the same page again.

13. He really misses you if he tries to flirt with you

Perhaps not only do you miss him, but he also hopes that you will reconcile.

If so, he will use his good old tactics but in an improved version to win you back.

He will flirt with you, complimenting you and taking advantage of every opportunity, even the most insignificant, to hear from you.

14. He really misses you if he says it out loud

If he finds the strength to tell you out loud that he misses you and the days when you were together, keep in mind that it took a lot of courage to do so and that he would not have bothered to tell you if it weren’t the truth.

What is more, if his words are associated with all of the signs mentioned above, be absolutely certain that he is telling you the truth.

If you miss a man, he’ll never be idle.

Rather, he will do everything he can to show you how he feels about you.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to get back together with him.

First, make sure to probe your feelings and find out if you miss him or not.