Here you are, at a crossroads in your life. You must now choose between the life you had with him, the desire to continue on this path, and between the difficult path of leaving it and forgetting it. Knowing that we have to move on without the person we thought was our soul mate is very painful and difficult.

It will take a long time before your heart heals and becomes a whole again… After all that you have experienced and after having sown parts of it everywhere.

Leaving and moving on does not make you weak but makes you stronger than ever, because it took all your strength to put one foot in front of the other. and move away. It didn’t work and deep down, you both knew it would end up like this. You tried to make it work. Some relationships, however, are not intended to be perfect, but rather to show you what love should not be like and to teach you a valuable lesson.

At first, you didn’t want to leave him because you knew he would just sit down and not even bother trying to convince you to stay. Making a relationship work after a disaster takes far too much effort – or at least that’s what he thinks. Today you would do anything to fix it, but you know very well that you deserve more than what it has to offer.

Of course, these are things you had already thought about, that your mind kept reminding you of every day, but your heart refused to cooperate. You feel vulnerable and all you want from him is that he shows his love and concern for you. Because he never knew how to express his feelings, you were unable to decipher his actions. But it seems that today his intentions are clear.

In reality, do you think he would show you that he is sorry, even if he knew how to do it? Would he do anything to keep you by his side? My dear, if he hasn’t done anything so far, why would he suddenly do something? Do not be fooled by its little games, gather your forces, and continue to move away.

Keep moving away and although it is hard, it is also worth it. You’ll want to turn around and come back, but could it really bring you happiness?

Do not get back together with someone for whom their own pride is more important than you. He treated you as an option more than a priority, because he was unable to take a look like yours – a look full of understanding and love. And it is probably for this reason that he would be unable to keep you, even doing something to force you to stay.

His behavior makes your job easier. Although you probably can’t see it today, one day when you turn around, you will remember that there was nothing that could have made you stay.

For the moment, keep moving away. The road clears and becomes more beautiful, as you progress towards healing. You will be fine, I can promise you that. Just realize your own worth and keep on walking away.