1. A man, a real one never lacks respect for his wife.
  2. He never manipulates his beloved so that she does something that she doesn’t want to do but that he wants to do.
  3. A man, a real one, never attacks his wife, whatever the situation.
  4. He catches up when he realizes that he made a mistake.
  5. A real man puts his wife first.
  6. He is his best friend.
  7. A real man does not give up as soon as things get complicated.
  8. He will always make efforts for the good of his couple, to make things work.
  9. A real man never takes his wife for granted.
  10. He inspires her and pushes her to do things she never imagined she would do.
  11. He is his greatest support.
  12. He admires his intelligence.
  13. He is proud of his successes.
  14. He admires his passion.
  15. A man, a real one, is not an obstacle for his wife.
  16. Instead, he encourages her to do whatever she wants.
  17. A real man treats his wife like his equal.
  18. He lets her lead the dance.
  19. And he never judges her.
  20. Because a real man tries to see things from the point of view of his beloved.
  21. A man, a real one is present for his beloved when she had a bad day.
  22. He never lets her fall asleep, pissed off, angry, or sad.
  23. A real man will ruin his lipstick, not his mascara.
  24. Because he will never harm his wife, or any other woman for that matter.
  25. A man, a real makes the fears of his beloved fly away.
  26. He makes sure she feels like the most beautiful woman in the room.
  27. He constantly covers her with compliments.
  28. A man, a real one pampers his wife and gives her the impression of being a queen.
  29. He does not run after other women while he is in a relationship.
  30. In fact, he cuts ties with all those who could pose a threat to his couple.
  31. A real man never stops trying.
  32. His game of seduction is endless.
  33. He continues to choose his beloved every day.
  34. His words and promises are always followed by action.
  35. A real man gives his wife the attention she deserves.
  36. He always finds time for his wife, whatever his timetable.
  37. A man, a true one respects and protects the virtue and the values ​​of his beloved.
  38. He never makes her doubt her love or her affection.
  39. He struts with pride on his arm, in front of his friends.
  40. And it makes the rest of the world jealous of their relationship.
  41. He is romantic.
  42. He is not afraid to let his feelings show.
  43. He does not hide his weaknesses.
  44. He always chooses honesty, rather than comforting his beloved with lies.
  45. A real man treats his wife as he would like men to treat his daughter.