I bet no one has warned you of the consequences of losing a good girl.

And if someone had warned you, they would have told you to be smart and pay attention to them and to everything they do for you.

He would have told you to never take it for granted because it is unique and you will only meet one like it in your life.

If you lose this, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

But you do it your way and never listen to others.

Who knows what happened in your head or what reasons and excuses you have found to justify your mistreatment.

You were only counting on one thing, that a human being could handle everything.

You never counted on her love of herself or the fact that she would go away once she was tired of giving you everything and receiving nothing in return.

You didn’t think you could lose it before you lost it.

It’s when you take a girl for granted that you lose her.

When you don’t give her the love she deserves, when you disrespect her, when you don’t notice her efforts and when you make her feel lonely, even though she is supposed to be able to count on you.

When you lose a good girl, you don’t just lose one person, you lose a lot more.

We lose all the opportunities we could have had together and all the things she did for us.

And when reality hits you, you are overwhelmed.

When we lose a good girl, we lose someone who believed in us.

She was always there to cheer you up. She believed in you and would never have allowed you to give up.

She believed in you, she pushed you to move forward and was always there to catch up with you in the event of a fall.

She never allowed you to lose faith in yourself and you could have been so much more with her, but you lost it.

When we lose a good girl, we lose someone who had blind confidence in us.

She gave herself entirely. She trusted you blindly and never thought you could betray her.

She never stopped for a second to wonder if you were using it.

It’s because she believes people are as good as she is. But you are not good – in any case, you have not been good to it.

You just played with her feelings. And she only trusted you.

It cost her dearly, but she ended up seeing you as you are.

When we lose a good girl, we lose someone who was ready to give us her unconditional love.

And you will not meet this kind of love every day. The love you have for a good girl is different, you know.

And when a good girl chooses to love you, she does it with all her heart.

She loves you unconditionally and without restraint. And that’s what she was going to offer you.

But it stopped before you got the best of it. Because she understood that you were not worth it.

She realized that you would just destroy her, take her love, use it and never give it back.

She was ready to love you unconditionally, but you didn’t give her the chance. You lost it far too soon.

When we lose a good girl, we lose someone who would always have been there for us.

Now when you look around, you won’t see anyone to depend on day and night.

You will no longer see someone who would have been willing to listen to you, despite everything you did to him.

You will no longer see someone able to forget their needs because they are too focused on the things you need.

Because when we lose a good girl, we also lose a girl who would always have been there for us when we needed her.

When we lose a good girl, we lose someone who would never have abandoned us.

She really planned to stay. She wanted to be there for you and she could never have imagined abandoning you.

You know how hard she tried, she stayed by your side even when any sane person was gone a long time ago.

She never stopped believing in you. But being constantly destroyed by someone for whom she made so much effort exhausted her.

Being the only one never to give up has exhausted her. So finally, she too gave up.

When you lose a good girl, you lose your best friend.

When you lose a good girl, you don’t just lose a lover, you also lose your best friend.

You lose your teammate, your life companion and someone you could always count on.

You know full well that she was the woman of your life, but you were either too proud or too afraid to admit it.

But it doesn’t matter, because life will end up forcing you to admit it. And life will also make you regret having lost a good girl.

When you lose a good girl, you end up wondering if all the reasons why you lost her were worth it.

After a little time has passed and reality has caught up with you, you will lie down in the evening, unable to fall asleep and ask yourself if it was all worth it.

If all your mistakes, all your selfishness and your carelessness, your dreams and your goals were worth losing a girl like her.

You will wonder if it stayed the same. You will wonder if she has found someone who treats her properly and does all the things that you could not do but should have done.

Your gut will advise you to grab the phone and call it, but something is going to stop you.

This something will be an awareness: girls like her don’t stay alone very long.

You will realize that she did not wait for you because someone else will have done everything in her power to conquer and keep it.

When you realize what you have really lost, she will already be with someone who really appreciates and deserves it.