When you meet a guy, you want it to be forever because you are overwhelmed by each word that comes out of your mouth.

We immediately think that we have found the love of our life and we already imagine ourselves in a wedding dress, with children and a house by the sea.

And all of a sudden, we realize that our ‘perfect’ guy is not that perfect. We understand that he is not ready to make a full commitment to us and that he will surely not be the ideal husband.

Maybe at first you will have no doubts about your common future because you will think it will change but after you have started to distinguish some of the warning signals that it is unable to handle a real relationship, you will dump it.

In case you also think that your man is no longer the same as before and that he does not want to build a lasting relationship with you, discover these signs to be 100% sure.

1. He continues to have contact with his ex

Here is a major warning sign, indicating that your guy is really not ready to fully engage with you. If he still has contact with his exes, it’s a sign that he doesn’t care about you that much and that you aren’t his priority.

It is also disrespectful to you and everything you stand for and is unlikely to change.

At the start of a relationship, men are at their best so if he already treats you like that now, imagine how he will treat you later…

2. He doesn’t want to spend time with friends and family

If he refuses to attend your family reunions or go for a drink with your friends, it is a sign that he plans to dump you.

He is probably with you because it is convenient for him to take you by boat for a while and then move on to another victim.

If you notice such a sign, I suggest you drop it first because a guy like that is not worthy of your time.

3. He’s not talking about your relationship to the future

He only seems focused on your present and the things he wants you to do for him immediately.

When you ask him to make future plans, he simply tells you that you will see later because there he is tired. It’s just his tactic to get rid of you and take advantage of you for as long as possible.

So whatever you do, don’t stay with him any longer because he’s not the kind of man who can make you happy.

4. He has had no serious relationship in the past 

When you tell him about his past, he only mentions a few brief relationships but never says that he had any serious ones.

It is potentially a sign of his inability to manage a real relationship and his desire to just have a good time.

It is not necessarily a sign of his inability to love you, although it is in most cases.

5. He was heartbroken 

The worst thing that can happen to a guy is to have his heartbroken. After that, he will feel like an injured wolf and will move away from anyone in order to find a peaceful place to wait for his wounds to heal.

The same is true for boys and girls – if they have been injured, they will be extremely careful with each of the relationships they enter into.

Maybe that’s why your man doesn’t want anything serious. He is afraid that his heart will be broken again and he does not want to take this risk.

6. He sends you contradictory signals

If your man is blowing hot and cold, this is the first sign that something is wrong. It seems that he is not sure what he wants and therefore he is unable to act otherwise.

You will probably be disturbed because one day he will treat you like a queen, the one after you treat him like he doesn’t care about you.

If you ever notice that he behaves this way, be sure he is not the ideal boy to have a relationship with, so you better run away as quickly as possible.

7. He tells you all the time that your relationship will not work

If you feel uncomfortable in his company because he lists the reasons why you are too different for it to work, it means that he is not sure of his love for you.

Maybe it feels good, as long as you don’t rush into a couple relationship but as soon as you start to make plans, it will fall back.

8. He doesn’t want to open up to you emotionally

The reason he doesn’t want to open up to you emotionally is that he doesn’t want to get involved in your relationship.

You don’t interest him enough for him to share his darkest secrets with you and get naked. He does not think you are worthy of knowing these important things in his life and that is why he will withdraw as soon as you try to push him to open.

If you catch your man doing such a thing, it is that he is not a man to marry, and believe me, a man like that will never be what you dreamed of.