Today, when you meet someone, messages seem to be the best way to really get to know them.

So we write each other over and over, trying to learn more.

But the problem with the messages is that we don’t see each other…

This can generate interpretation errors. “Is he just polite, or does he really love me?” is the question that constantly comes to mind.

To help you decode his messages and find out if he likes you, read on.

1. He responds to your messages as quickly as he can

You don’t have to worry about whether he will read your message without responding or just ignore you for the rest of the week. It is not his type.

If he is busy, he will tell you when he will be available and keep his word. If available, he will respond to you immediately.

With him, no need to ask yourself whether or not you are a priority. You already know that you are one.

2. He talks about things you could do together

He wants things to go beyond a few simple messages.

He wants to get to know you and do things with you.

He will discuss the possibility of doing something you both love that he knows you cannot resist.

If you can’t find yourself, he will write to tell you how wonderful it would have been if you had been there.

Even if you are not with him, you will not seem to be neglected.

3. He will start a conversation

He has no problem being the first to send you a message and he doesn’t want to act out.

In any case, you represent too much in his eyes.

He’s so excited to talk to you and get to know you that he just can’t wait for you to write the first one.

Even if he faces the possibility of being rejected, it is worth it in his eyes.

4. He’s just cute

It checks that you are fine and sends you messages to say “hello” or “good night” before you go to bed.

If you have a major event, he remembers it, questions you, and supports you.

If you are not online, he warmly welcomes you when you return and writes to you until you stop.

What woman could resist a man who genuinely cares about her?

5. He remembers asking you how your day went

Even if you’ve been texting yourself all day, it asks you how you’re doing and if you’re tired.

Sometimes we spend a whole day with someone, without that person ever asking us how we are doing.

This is something we all tend to forget, thinking that if someone seems to be doing well, he is bound to be fine.

But behind the brightest smiles can hide the greatest sorrows.

And that’s why he never misses an opportunity to check and make sure you’re okay.

6. He feeds the conversation

It is easy to lose interest if a conversation is boring or repetitive but it seems impossible with it.

He always has new topics to talk about and new questions to ask about the topics already covered!

If you’re on the lookout for any signs that it’s cracking for you, here’s one.

Even when you feel like you have said everything there is to say for the day, there is always something to talk about.

7. He writes long messages to you

His answers are not just courtesy answers to keep the conversation going.

But if you don’t make any more efforts, it too stops.

He writes you whole responses and long messages: there is, therefore, no doubt that he wants to chat with you via messages.

8. He gave you a nickname for your message exchanges

When someone gives you a nickname in their contacts, it is a sign that they really love you.

He really appreciates you and you are already special in his eyes. It is for these reasons that he gave you a nickname, something that you only share among yourselves.

If he uses it often, even when you are not writing, it is because he wishes to establish a form of closeness between you.

And to do this, nothing is more effective than something that you have created together and only share in the private sphere.

9. He tells you about what’s going on in his life

Men who care about you will always make you part of their lives.

And even if he is interested in you and your life, he will always tell you about what’s going on in his.

He does not play it inaccessible or mysterious and it is already a sign that he wants more with you than entertainment and small games.

What interests him is something a little more serious.

10. He writes to you when you wake up and when you go to bed

Which means you’re the first thing he thinks about in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed. E

Is there a more obvious and cuter sign than that?