She is the kind of woman who will love you for what you are and will accept everything from you. She will see your faults but embrace them. She will see your weaknesses but still believe in you and your strength. She will entrust her life and her heart to you because she will trust you. And no matter how much you hurt her, she will always take the path of wisdom. It will still walk with its head held high even if it is broken inside. Even if she loves you with all her heart, she will find the necessary strength to pull herself together and go away.

She is the kind of woman who learned things the hard way. She learned to love because she was never loved properly. And she loves with all her soul, with all her body and with all her heart. When she gives herself to you, you know that she gives herself entirely. Because nobody has ever given themselves to them as they give themselves. She learned to heal herself because the people who were supposed to be there for her never were. She learned how much it hurts to be left, how much to feel alone when you are next to someone you love more than anything hurts. She vowed never to do such a thing to you.

She’s the kind of woman who always finds a way to give you a second chance, because she believes in you. She believes in love. She will always keep the memories of your happiness in her heart but, don’t get me wrong – she will never accommodate your betrayal. She knows her value and she knows what she deserves. It took her years of toxic love to learn it and now that she knows it, she will never go back. If you give her the feeling that she is not good enough, she will go away. If you make her wonder if there is another woman, she will go away. If you make her feel like she’s worth nothing and humiliate her, she won’t turn around.

She’s the kind of woman who doesn’t come back. She will fight for you all the time, she will give you all the chances in the world. But once she’s gone, she’s gone for good. And at night, when you think of her, when the memories of her body come back to haunt your memory, she will no longer be there. When you realize it was the best thing that happened to you, it won’t be there. When you realize that you have treated it as less than nothing, it will already be someone else’s treasure. Not because she needs love but because love needs her.

She’s the kind of woman who would never cheat on you, because she knows that loving someone who is unfaithful breaks you. She is the kind of woman who will never push you to question your worth, who will never push you to wonder whether or not she will go away. She is the kind of woman who will be your biggest support, your biggest fan. Because she is fighting her own fights. She had to find a way to secure her back and move on when everything was against her. And she knows that a tiny bit of support can work wonders. That a tiny ounce of love can help us feel better and that even the shyest smile can brighten someone’s day.

She is the kind of woman you will regret losing, not because of her body but because of her brilliant mind and her remarkable passion. Because of the peace but also of the hurricanes it takes with it, chasing away any monotony of your life. Because of its softness but also its intensity, both light and dark, both solar and lunar. It is for you what the day is to the night and what the sand is to the oceans. And once you push it away, you will understand that you are missing something. Soon, you will realize that it is you who made him leave. You didn’t know how to handle the fire in it so you tried to put it out. Because you were blinded by its light, you tried to draw it into your darkness. And because you didn’t know how to love her with all your heart, you wiped out all the love she had for you.