Many men are ready to enter into a serious relationship.

There are men out there who are looking for the girlfriend they need, the one who will make them feel like they’ve found their other half.

Their intentions are admirable but often they try to achieve their dreams with the wrong woman.

If you’re a mature man looking for the right one to start a romantic relationship, knowing what a great girlfriend really is can really help!

1. The woman you need won’t be easy

It will not instantly give you what you want. She will not dance to the sound of your music – but to the sound of hers.

She will not start a conversation with naked photos of her. You can stop dreaming because she has principles and she knows how to spot a good man.

2. You will have to wait a bit before having s**x with her

She is not prude, but physical attraction is not the only criteria in her search for a soul mate.

In today’s relationships, s**x seems to have become the main issue. We have only known each other for a few days and we are already rushing towards the bedroom.

A real woman will keep you waiting a bit, because she places more importance on what you have in your head than on what is in your pants.

And no, you are not allowed to sleep with other women until she is ready to have s**x with you. Like that, you would lose it very quickly.

3. She will not always be glued to you

You will not need to ask for space. One of the signs that your girlfriend is a wonderful woman will find her freedom.

She won’t be constantly holding your hand, begging you to talk to her all the time.

She will give you space without you having to ask for it, because she is an adult and she also needs space.

4. The woman you need is not a little girl

If you are looking for a responsible woman who will be able to support you in all stages of your life, you will not find her in the person of an 18-year-old girl.

It will most certainly be perfect, but what would a mature man and a young girl have to do together in the long term?

The woman you need has already spent a decent amount of time on this earth, she has life experience and knows how the world works.

And that is why having her as a girlfriend will be a very good thing.

5. No, you will not share each of your passions

And you shouldn’t. Being a great friend doesn’t mean loving everything you do or doing everything you do the way you do.

Opposites attract and it will not be constantly stuck to you while you are doing things that you enjoy.

No, she will use this opportunity to do things she likes and you can then share your respective days.

She will be delighted that you can devote yourself to your passions rather than forcing yourself to do things that you do not really want to do.

6. She will do you so much good that you will forget being out with other women

She will look nothing like your ex and you won’t even think about comparing them.

You know why ? Because she’s independent and doesn’t seem to be doing anything your ex was doing.

Because everything is going well with her, you won’t even bother thinking about other women.

Why bother anyway – she will always look a thousand times better compared to the others.

7. She is not a model

And that shouldn’t bother you, unless you’re Ryan Gosling. She is not Adriana Lima but has her own beauty.

The problem with men is that they want to go out with a woman who has all the qualities but who also looks like a model.

It is normal to have some faults and it does not matter, at the end of the day they no longer count. Forget them – they don’t matter when you have the woman you need by your side.

8. With her, there are no ultimatums

She will not ask you for ultimatums, because she really cares if you are happy in your relationship.

She cares about your feelings, so she will never force you to choose between her and her thing. She will never tell you: “we are getting married or I am leaving you! ”Because she doesn’t want to force things.

She knows that those who do this are not ready to be in a relationship and only care about themselves and their desires.

9. She will be the one you trust enough to have important discussions

It may happen that she does not fully understand your situation, but it will be simply because it is something unknown to her.

It will never be because she doesn’t care. You will always want to talk to her first, whatever it is.

She will always be your first choice when you want to share something, because you will know that even if she does not understand, she will listen to you and make an effort to see things from your point of view.

10. Your entire relationship will be extraordinary

Once you have a mature woman by your side, she will make you feel like you’ve found your place.

You will always feel like you have made the right choice, regardless of the ups and downs you have gone through.

You know why? Because there will be at least five times as many good times as there are bad times.

We all have different tastes and there is nothing wrong with that.

But these 10 character traits should help you in your search for the perfect girlfriend, and I hope you understand that to engage in a serious relationship, you need to look for a mature woman who knows how to go about it with you.