1. Always find time for each other.

Life can be hectic, but in all this work and this mess, you have to find time for both of you.

And remember, it’s not the amount of time you spend together but the quality, so make every moment count.

2. Respect. Trust. Appreciation.

They are the foundations of all normal, healthy, and loving relationships. They are inseparable and must coexist.

A relationship has little value without these three principles.

3. Share your food.

Sharing is loving and couples who eat together stay together. So if you have a chocolate bar, split it in half.

If you order fries and he eats them with your eyes, give him some. It’s the little things that make big relationships.

4. Don’t go to bed angry.

Resolve your differences during the day, if possible.

You must realize that you are both together against the world and against all the troubles, problems, and misunderstandings that dot it.

It is never against each other.

5. Always kiss before going to sleep.

You can kiss in the morning, during the day, or whenever you want, but kissing before going to sleep is mandatory.

It makes dreams more beautiful. It diffuses happiness, whatever you have experienced during the day.

6. Say “I love you” whenever you feel like it.

Life is too short to forget to say anything.

You don’t have to tell yourself this all the time or even every day, but you have to say it the second you think.

7. Play the game.

If you see that he (or she) is exaggerating a little by telling a story, support his words.

If he tries to escape a party or dinner that makes him uncomfortable for some reason, he will likely make up a story.

Don’t call it to order – play the game. That’s what partners do.

8. Stay loyal.

Of course, you are surrounded by attractive men and women and one of them could catch your eye.

But it is important to know where you are and you would never let a dangerous predator destroy what you have.

You have this person to whom you are devoted and to whom you are committed and no matter who stands in the way, you will always remain loyal to him.

9. Say that you like the dish that the other has cooked, even if it is not good.

Does it really matter if the soup is too salty this time? He also eats it and must also smell the salty taste.

He will do better next time. Do not discourage him. You must at least know how to appreciate his efforts.

10. Avoid mentioning your ex.

The discussion on exes is doomed to intervene at one point or another. But it will only happen once and there is no reason to keep talking about them.

They are part of the past, leave them where they are, and focus on your common present and future.

11. Never descend the family of the other.

You would never allow anyone to get yours down, right?

Talking badly about one family member of the other is never a good idea.

12. Compliment each other randomly.

Acknowledge his efforts. Notice the little, sweet things he does as much as the most important things, and remember to thank him.

He is doing his best to make you happy and you must be able to appreciate this.

13. Never involve third parties in your disputes.

Your disputes and disagreements only concern you. There is no need to involve or involve other people.

You would put them in an unenviable and embarrassing situation and you would forget that a couple relationship only has two people.

14. Make compromises.

Be yourself – it’s important. But you also have to know how to relax your limits from time to time.

Make compromises. Listen to music you both love on the way to work.

Watch this TV series that you don’t like that much but about which your partner is very excited. He will do the same for you at other times.

15. Love him but never forget to love yourself too.

It all starts with self-love – never forget it.

The fact that you are a couple should in no way affect your self-esteem; on the contrary, and your partner will only love you more.

16. Breathe.

Give space to the other. Don’t be too sticky.

The key to a fulfilling relationship is that each partner has their own life, in addition to the extraordinary life, full of love and commitments that you share together.

17. Keep in mind that you are a team.

Although you have your own problems, remember that you must consult your partner for any important decision or any upsetting choice that you will make.

Because directly or indirectly, these will affect your relationship.

18. Know each other’s little ups and downs.

Here is the ultimate secret weapon you will need to cheer up your partner when he is not going too well.

Bring him his favorite chocolates. Take him to his favorite ice cream seller.

Make pancakes and decorate them with his favorite sweets. And just by reading this, you feel better.

19. Remember important dates.

But without exaggeration; you don’t have to remember monthly birthdays or the date of your first kiss.

But you need to know the other person’s birthday as well as the date of your meeting.

The other dates are not so important…

20. Don’t spend too much time without making love.

S**x is certainly not the most important thing in a couple but is just as important as any other aspect of a relationship.

Regular s**x helps maintain closeness and increases the level of intimacy shared with your partner.

It is also a way to reduce stress and bond with others more intensely.

21. Never do anything to your partner that you don’t want them to do to us.

Here is the most important rule of the marriage code. And that’s all the wisdom you’ll need to make your relationship work.

Do not do things that you may regret, things that could hurt your other half.

Appreciate it and cherish it. Treat it as you would like to be treated.