Narcissists suffer from a personality disorder that eventually destroys you. At first, we do not understand what situation we put ourselves in because these people excel in the art of manipulation.

When we meet him for the first time, he seems perfect, a kind of rare man: we are happy and we cannot believe that we have hit such a jackpot – we cannot believe that the we found the perfect man for us.

It is only afterwards that we discover that everything was a lie. We realize that he is nothing more than a manipulative b**stard who has only sought your love for one purpose – to vampirize you.

There is a game they excel at – no one can compete with – and it is the game of manipulation. It is their most powerful weapon and they know how to use it to get everything they want. They play little games to hurt and humiliate you. The unhappiness and suffering of others boosts their ego and nourishes their soul.