We have always been taught that love and romance should be majestic, grand, and complicated.

As a result, we always expect that our relationships will encounter many problems, as presented to us by the most famous love stories of all time, such as Romeo and Juliet, Gone By The Wind, Casablanca, etc. …

What if I told you that this is absolutely not what true love should look like?

We still expect our relationships to have many twists and turns and highs.

We are just used to it being hard and difficult.

Well, let me tell you something that you have to remember every time you meet someone new: You have to fall in love with someone who will not make you believe that love is something that must be hard and difficult!

For two people who get along well, balancing isn’t supposed to be that difficult.

You probably have the impression that you have already loved someone and that you have been loved in return several times.

But there were still far too many problems and worries that simply prevented you from believing that you had found the right person.

This feeling of unease with a person, is always a sign that it is not the man in your life or, if you prefer, your soul mate.

Although things are untidy and undefined with this bad person who is not made for you, when you find the good, little by little, you will see things fall back into place and your life will find meaning.

You will never again have to wonder where you are, and even if you have just had an argument, you will never have any doubts about the proper functioning of your relationship.

You will always have the assurance that the person holding your hand fits you perfectly.

You will no longer be afraid to do anything or just be yourself, because this person will always be there by your side, to accept and support you as you are.

In your past relationships, you have probably already been afraid to show your true nature and that of your soul, you were probably afraid that it was too much to manage for your partner at the time, and therefore, that he never leaves you or he never stops loving you.

Being with the right person will reveal to you all the beauty and serenity of a relationship.

You will know at all times that, whatever happens, whatever you may say or do, this person will always remain by your side and will have no trouble understanding you.

When the man in your life finally comes, you will never again wonder if he has feelings for you.

He will make sure you know it every day. Even when he says nothing, wherever he is away from you, you will still feel his love and affection.

The way its energy will fill you will be amazing and nothing you have felt before will not even resemble that feeling from afar.

Everything will be very simple and easy.

Making plans together, meeting each other’s family and friends, talking about the future, and analyzing your past in ways you never knew were important until then.

It will be perfectly normal for your child to know every little detail of your personality and you will not be afraid to show and reveal everything about it.

Everything about this person will seem familiar to you.

You will have the impression of knowing it since the dawn of time and you will just have to talk about the details of your life before your meeting to complete and finalize the table, all this will only bring you even closer.

Remember that your souls are made to love each other. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s supposed to be simple and easy.

When you are in his arms, you will feel that this is where you belong, and each time he touches your skin one of your wounds from the past will heal.

With the right person, there will be no pretense and there will be no games.

You will never feel like your relationship could end at any time and leave you in pain and sadness.

Any misconceptions that you may have received and had so far by being with a partner who does not suit you at all, will disappear, and you will know how to recognize this new person who suits you perfectly.

Yes, you will be attracted to each other from the first meeting, but this is not the most surprising thing.

The wonderful thing about being with the right person is loving yourself every day with an ease that you never thought possible.

Every feeling of uncertainty, fear, and discomfort you may have felt with the wrong people will seem so distant now that you won’t even be sure it happened to you.

The love of your life will teach you that, when you are in the right relationship, life is rather simple.

And he will love you with all his being, far more than you ever thought possible.

He will love you exactly as you need to be loved, and for all the reasons you thought no one could ever love you.