What if I took control?

Our relationship: a year and a half of hugs, shouting, moments of bonding, and everything that makes the life of a couple.

In good self-respecting and ex-victim of notorious Perverse Narcissists, all my warning signals have obviously set in motion. Note to myself: Be careful Ma Vieille not to fall back into the old patterns….

The attack program is therefore launched, once past the weeping-and-stunned stage:


° Take care of me : skin, hair, hair everything will pass!

° Return to sport with more diligence: in addition to amortizing my subscription of € 50 a month, it will do the most good for my figure, which has slightly thickened by 2kg in recent weeks

° Be Wise (with a capital S):  do not castigate myself, what is done is done. Accepting and not eating Ferrero Rocher seems to me to be the most suitable solution

° And finally sempiternel sacrament: I WILL NOT ASK FOR HIS LOVE: to you I can admit, I think I have been at the limit lately. Too muuuuch !!! A little pride all the same. He wants time and space to think…. he will have it.

As a good self-respecting Bridget Jones, I, therefore, end up with planned days on the line! There is no question of having time to mop up.


Sport, readings, singing lessons and work help me to fill the gaping hole around the right side of my chest. Ah yes!, I did not warn you, I have a certain taste for melodramas and like to use images in tone! Shakespeare has only to keep well!

But, even a follower of the melo that I am, I still keep my feet on the ground and after taking a step back oozing not all the characters of this article, I really realize that it is high time to act in order to get JJ and myself out of this routine quicksand, at the risk of staying there.

It would be dishonest on my part, once the assessment is made, to remain on the position that it is only he who is asking questions.

When it comes to telling your Beasty that you no longer recognize the man you fell in love with, there is…. danger!

Because if today I reproach MyLove JJ for “not-being-the-same-as-at-the-beginning-blah …”, I also realize that abandoning myself was the worst thing I could do … and therefore… we do.