I want to be free… with you

You will have this letter when you wake up.

I do not believe in chances. I believe in destiny.

I believe that if our roads crossed, it is not for nothing.

It is written. And this is important.

And I believe that despite our fears, we have a great story to live. It still has to be seen as such.

I believe that life is too short to put barriers to love.

My second life will begin. I want her to be beautiful. Happy. Blossoming. Joyful. And that she looks like me.
Who cares who will follow me on this adventure.

I want someone who loves me for what I am. Looks at me and sees me. Listens to me and hears me. Accompanies and supports me. Carries me high sometimes. Desires and animates me.

I want to lose control by his side without being afraid of tomorrow.

I want passion and passion.

I want to live, breathe, love and be me!

I want to live a daily life that will be made light and happy as much as possible.
I want to make love passionately by telling myself each time that it may be the last time.
I want to be able to be in a common reflection. Equal. Sometimes divergent but which will make us grow.

I want to be able to be free from my thoughts and movements without being judged or paid.

I want eyes that sparkle towards me.

I want to die of desire and impatience for the other.

And most of all, I want to love and be loved madly. Everyday and constantly.

But is it only possible? Isn’t this just a utopia?
I still dream of it. It gives me hope. Of the force. And believe in me.

Two of us are stronger. Especially when you fight for love. And for the other.

My half, my alter ego, my essential is waiting for me somewhere …

I will finally start living for my own happiness.
It is important to me, it is even vital.
I was a young woman. Mistress. Wife. Mom… I just want to be me now.

Free, happy and passionate about the life that I am. By loving a person who will fascinate me. Will inspire me. Will guide me. And will understand me too.
It’s up to you to see if you want the same things.

No situation is simple. It just takes the courage, the honesty and the will to take on your fears, your desires and “tomorrow”.

I kiss you.