To you who taught me to love again, thank you!

I fell madly in love with this person, as we fall asleep, very slowly and then suddenly. I don’t really know what happened.

I fell in love somewhere between our intense looks and the tears that I wiped little by little when the wall that I had around my heart collapsed.

This wall that I had spent years building stone by stone to protect me from you.

But, I fell in love so much, that I never looked behind me or even in the future.

To this person who taught me to love again, I want to say thank you!

My heart had no protection at all and I gave you every bit of my being.

We didn’t just go out together.

We also played with fire, with our souls and our beings. Like two individuals discovering love again.

Being with you has multiplied so much of the good in my life. I am no longer the same. I metamorphosed. I became an even better person.

Our relationship was so simple and we were so complicated.

We have complicated everything and made each situation thousand times more complex, harder, it is as if everything turned into a mountain and took on too great a scale.

We bothered, bickered, argued so many times, so many inappropriate times.

But just know that now I know my anger was just consumed by the love I had for you, by my passion, by my emotions, I cared so much about you. So much of our couple and I loved you so much. I was completely crazy in love with you.

I loved everything you stood for.

Every little thing or imperfection, every little moment of tenderness, and a little more brutal.

There were many confrontations, because I loved you deeply. I am not that kind of person who smiles and is silent.

I am an explosive person. Which can sometimes be out of control. I had ideas and above all, I had big dreams for both of us.

I wanted to do everything with you. Small and large things at all times and times.

But we burned our wings with our own fire, like fireworks, like a shooting star.

Passion has given way to uncertainty, and comfort to doubt.

Our past has caught up with us like our insecurities.

Our mutual fears prevailed over our love.

So much that I had to let you go, you the person I love.

After all these laughs, these smiles, these ”  I love you “, it was the end…

But there are so many things I didn’t thank you for.

I let you go, but you did not try to hold me back, even if I wanted to end our relationship that does not mean and that does not mean that I was not in love with you.

But love is like a flower, it can fade. It can be pungent, and most importantly it can hurt.

And by letting me go you broke my heart, I was completely desperate to lose your affection and your love.

You have counted so much and brought to my life.

You allowed me to love someone again at some point in my life and thanks to you I found myself, I found myself one morning, between awakening and unconsciousness, between the rays of the sun , and the night that left us, as in a small dead end.

I was so blinded by my anger, by my pain, that I destroyed myself.

But I understood that life had another plan, another path for me.

I understood that the end of our relationship was the beginning of the most beautiful of my stories.

So to you this person who taught me to love again. I just say thank you.