51 reasons why I want to spend my life with you

1. Because together we are stronger.

2. For the giggles: yours, mine and those we have together.

3. Because your kisses ease my pain.

4. Because my dreams seem more real when you are by my side.

5. Because you’re the only one who makes me laugh out loud.

6. Because I want to make you happy.

7. Because I love it when you get mad.

8. Because you are always there to support me.

9. Because you take me in your arms when no one else realizes that I need it.

10. For that kiss on my forehead when you get up before me.

11. Because basically, you know I’m always right.

12. Because you allow me to see the world with other eyes.

13. Because you motivate me when I just want to stay under my duvet.

14. Because you make the nights much less dark.

15. Because you let me talk too much. 

16. Because when everything seems lost, you always find a solution.

17. Because life is about living and sharing, so I prefer to do it with you.

18. Because only you know my body better than I do.

19. Because you are my superhero (Superman can go get dressed).

20. Because you’re the only one I want a child with.

21. Because there are topics I can only talk about with you.

22. Because our disputes always allow us to find each other.

23. For whole salad bowls of popcorn and home cinema sessions.

24. For that special smell on your neck.

25. Because you like my blunders.

26. And my faults.

27. Because you are the king of the mojitos.

28. Because you’re the one who lets me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

29. Because you make me travel without making me move from where I am.

30. For your beard that tickles my nose. 

30. Because I love watching you sleep.

31. Because you always push me to go beyond my limits.

32. Because you hug me when I’m lost at the end of the bed.

33. Because you are my best friend.

34. Because a glance is enough for us to understand each other.

35. For your caresses.

36. Because you tell me that I am the most beautiful.

37. For your naughty awakenings in the middle of the night. 

38. Because our home without you is no longer our home.

39. Because like Lara Fabian, I love you like crazy, like a king, like a movie star!

40. Because with you, I dream night and day.

41. Because you don’t hide when you cry.

42. To live our whole lives together.

43. For the little words of love that you leave me everywhere.

44. Because you love my family.

45. Because you’re still waiting for me to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones.

46. ​​Because if you are happy, so am I.

47. Because I can’t do without your dimple.

48. For all those little attentions with which you cover me on a daily basis.

49. Because you agree to watch Dirty Dancing with me.

50. Because I love you as I have never loved anyone and I will never love anyone so much.

51. Because…. I don’t need to look for more reasons!

Look no further: he’s the one you’ve been waiting for!  Your couple is built on good foundations . All that’s left is to take the plunge, fearlessly since he’s there to hold your hand.