But by the way, what is Love?

Everyone wonders what love is.

With a large A, with a small a?

In the end, with or without capital letters, we don’t care because we’re not more advanced on the answer.

We just realize that we are not sure what it really is!

Not because we have never loved – which can sometimes touch us when talking about our ex-husbands or our ex just – but because the feeling is changing, multifaceted, and that quite simply, it resembles us.

Could it be an extension of us?

A vision of us in the other?

We fall in love. What an ugly expression, by the way.

Should it be seen as a curse or a kind of fatality.

Some may see it as a gift from God.

Wouldn’t it be too simple?

We set out on a quest, we go on a crusade. We make it our priority objective. Otherwise, we are nothing.

But looking for a soul mate? To do what ? Be sure to have a good belotte partner on rainy evenings?

No, no, and no.

Love cannot be reduced to that. Something that hits you without warning.

How is it that we find ourselves hooking on the first a**hole / a**hole come – I am for gender equality – who says ”  I love you  “.

Love is not so easy to tame. The whole world agrees on this point.

Love remains a mystery.

How does it come?

Why is he leaving?

And why does it stop?

And why is he coming back?

We are taught that love is only one.

As evidence that takes shape. A feeling that grows and reveals itself.

And why could we not love several beings at the same time?

This well-being provided by its presence.

Her conversation and the echoes she sends us.

Know that he breathes the same air, that he listens to the same music.

His laughs, these half words that we understand.

This assurance that he brings us.

This vitality that we get from it.

Our horizon which is becoming clearer.

This force that invades us.

It comes from us and yet it is the other catalyst.

The radiance which belongs only to the good beings in their sneakers and which bring their happiness like the prince charming the flower between his teeth.

But this is where the story ends. Why? For reasons as enigmatic as his birth.

  • Either the dependence intrudes and the story goes to waste.
  • Or because the fear of lack and loss appears and destroys the beautiful balance which turns out to be very precarious.

The “either” are endless.

Love disappears, disintegrated by disarray, the crack in confidence, the imperceptible change, the displacement of energies and what do I still know …

So many imperceptible but very present currents which undermine the beautiful building.

And we wonder what’s going on… .What has changed? Why does perfect happiness collapse like a vulgar sandcastle?

Maybe because we still haven’t understood that love with or without capital letters comes and depends only on us.

Because we still have not understood that love, the first, is that which we bring to ourselves. Thank you for the two-ball counter shrink!

The deluge of tears, because a loved one has left us, is legitimate but that shed on the death of his child or in the face of the thousands of deaths in Haiti is beyond measure. 

So let’s put love in context and stop taking the lead.

Let’s stop knotting our brains and reposition our bases.

What if love is combined with all people?

Our grammar reminds us of that: it starts with I love myself and it ends with they love each other.

Let’s combine the verb to love in the right order and everything will be better.