Let yourself be surprised by the sweetness of Love…

Taming your celibacy, rebuilding yourself, loving yourself, giving yourself a chance, so many essential steps to touch your dreams with your fingertips, vibrate with love again …

But the defeats, the missed opportunities, and the passing of time damage… It is often with a bruised heart sometimes broken that you, the celibate, you grope your way.

How to leave behind what frightens you… to drive out old demons with the back of the hand, to forget the failures?


Let go okay, enjoy ok, let go of perfect weight, but do you have to get rid of your armor?

Celibacy is hard, and very sad is the spectacle of loneliness which is slowly being built like a fortress … Because yes you are well sheltered, locked in your dungeon, far from anything that is likely to touch you and also to make you suffer. But eventually, you will become inaccessible!

What a waste when you know how exhilarating to love is!

Oscar Wilde said: “The only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it”

You can, you have the right to be tempted, it’s not a moment of distraction, just a moment of relaxation …

And there you are, you feel rocked, you find yourself believing in it, it’s so good….


Like a celibate well anchored on her path to second life and as you walked – almost- serenely, this sweet feeling that really looks like love came to settle, a bit like a heatwave that overwhelms you.

Your feet no longer touch the ground, all the butterflies find refuge in the hollow of you.

Everything is light, soft, delicate.

A single mantra resonates: accept what is coming, let go of what is going …

But it’s so hard to find the balance between surrendering completely and the fear of burning your wings.


The anguish of losing what you are just starting to have …

How do you strike a balance?

So you oscillate between the two worlds …

It’s like an ocean of happiness where you dive without thinking and then sometimes reality pulls you violently out of the waves …

The doubt is there … he patts you gently on the shoulder, reminds you that you have already made a mistake many times and that obviously that did not serve as a lesson to you.


But what he does not know about the doubt is that you no longer have time to waste with him, you prefer to let go, you prefer to believe in it, and to dive a little deeper …

Taste and enjoy this never-ending moment…. sweetness, candor, fullness take possession of you. Do you feel their benefits inside you?

You celibate, you have suffered enough.


Finally give yourself this opportunity to enjoy the sun, life, love.

Don’t shut up because of your past disappointments.

Have the strength to turn the page.

Have the patience to wait for what you deserve.

And write the new chapter of your life.