To all broken hearts …

If you read me, it’s because your heart is in tatters, that it has been mistreated, trampled, thrown, abandoned …

What you have most precious, what makes you live, what makes you breathe: your heart which is made to love, to give this love which made you happy, took a slap in return.

And the hardest part is when that brutal blow, you didn’t see it coming.


How can you love someone one day and no longer love them the next?

How can you be the one who attracts, who brings happiness and then the one to be avoided?

Yesterday he was there. Today he is gone. And you don’t understand. He closed the door to his life leaving your brain drowned in ”  Why?”  “

You just want to say it’s not fair, that it’s not possible. And above all you must have had a hard time believing it, realizing it, accepting it …

You don’t want to be alone.


Rather, it is panic.

When you lose something, the reflex is to do everything to get it back as quickly as possible. No one likes to lose, no one likes to be alone.

When he said ”  goodbye  ” to you, you had the impression that part of you had been amputated.


Something in you would die.

You understood that the source of your most beautiful smiles was disappearing, that you would no longer share such a special bond with him, that you could no longer hear his voice, that you would no longer make love together, that you would no longer receive his texting several times during the day.

You understood that this is the end of a story.


That your present is empty of his presence.

That your future will no longer look like the past.

That you will continue without him. That you have no choice, that he has not given you a choice. You are just going through and it’s horrible because you want to stop this pain.

You loved him, you still love him and you believe that you will love him always. And that you’ll never love like that again.

And now what are you going to do with all this love he doesn’t want anymore?


Dear wounded heart, a little deaf to the idea that you can get out of this, the love that you have lost is not in vain.

You liked it, you lived a beautiful story.

You have happy memories in you.

You are lucky to have lived these moments. Not everyone has experienced a love that thrills, a heart that shines, a heart that beats wildly, a heart that laughs, smiles, marvels.

You have a living heart that has done what it must do: love, give love and receive it.

Now it’s over. The pill is hard to swallow, but know that all the love you gave it is not wasted.


You ask yourself: ”  but what am I going to do with all this love that he no longer wants?”  “

You’re so sad you think he doesn’t want my love anymore so I’m going to keep him and I’m never going to love again to make sure I never suffer so much again.

And you wonder how are you going to do without him?


The first thing to do is to stop thinking about him. I know it’s hard but it’s the priority.

If you don’t know what to do with all your love for him, if you are in pain, it’s because you aren’t giving yourself enough love. When you love someone, you only want their happiness.

So think about your happiness. All the love you gave him and he doesn’t want anymore, give it to yourself.

Give yourself some time.

Time to digest his departure, time to accept the breakup.

Time to cry, time to rest.

Time for you. Time to rebuild yourself.

Time to understand why it didn’t work.

Time to question yourself.

Time to heal your wounds.

You think about him a lot because you still love him but think about yourself.


Remember to console yourself, to surround yourself with people who want you well.

Think about what would do you good: confide in a friend, temporarily stuff yourself with chocolate, read, write, run, dance, get a massage …

Think of yourself, it’s important.

A broken heart sticks together if you put a lot of willpower and above all a lot of self-love into it.

He broke your heart but it’s because he was unhappy.


He didn’t mean to hurt you for fun. His heart just wasn’t happy with you anymore. And you can’t help it.

Accept, if you really love him, that he’s happy without you.

And you, if you really love yourself, don’t let yourself be put down.

You have a heart that has loved many times before and if you decide to take care of it, love it, fix it, your heart will love again and even better.

He will open up to love even more beautiful than the previous one because he will be rich in his past experiences which made him grow and mature.

If your heart is healed, if you are able to love again,