To you, my Soulmate

You spoke to me, I believe with sincerity.

You know, nothing has changed.

You and me, it’s that strength.

These fragments of love that remain despite life.

Two beings who recognize each other.

Two souls tangled, tied, connected. Despite the years, the turmoil, and the turmoil of the past.

Your face, its fine features, your green eyes that tell me your stories, your hands, my old friends, your athletic back, your arms, warm refuge of my body, and its desires.

I don’t know how to explain it.

Time has passed, life has made us grow and move forward.

Our paths were each built on their own and were adorned with life, births and deaths, joys and cracks.

But there, at this moment when you are in front of me, where your voice invades the room and my head, nothing has changed.

I know you without talking to you.

My heart remembers.

I want your arms, your skin, and you.

I did not hesitate.

My hand grabbed yours.

I walked over and our lips caught. Slowly.

You told me that you would never have dared, so as not to force me, for Charles… the other.

My hands did not resist. They caressed your skin, your back, my nails tenderly scratched it, barely. I couldn’t help it.

It’s always been like that you and me. A mixture of love, tenderness, and instinct.

Everything was simple and sweet.

Your fingers explored my body, my stomach, and my br**asts. They were barely shaking.

You made love to me.

We took revenge.

From this scratch to the dawn of our history.

You gave yourself completely, you were not afraid.

And I did not regret anything.

Everything is here.