For you, I will wait

I love you.

You are not ready.

To give you. Abandon yourself. Risk you.

I’ll wait. May you trust again.

In life. And in us.

I’ll wait for you to rebuild yourself.

That you love yourself again. To cherish me again.

I believe in it for two.

They say that love is neither perfection nor magic.

But he revealed me. Gave me a talisman.

I know who I am. I found life and forgotten them.

My prince charming no longer has a mask. He looks at me.

We walk side by side. And yet you are far away.

Love doesn’t fix everything.

He does not give everything.

There are contradictions and flaws.

Accept that love, the one that accompanies us every day, is steeped in doubts and uncertainties.

It is with you and you alone, that the noise of my past becomes less deafening.

Otherness frightens you and our differences surround you.

For me, they are wealth and fortune.

Be my soul mate. My love. And not my tasteless double.

Accept that we love each other in any difference.

You are that other. My other half who keeps me in sight.

Lay your head on my shoulder. And let yourself be guided.

I am not afraid. I’m not scared anymore.

One day, I’ll be the one to lay my head on your shoulder.

We are an unfinished business. An amputated table.

Take my hand my love.

I will cherish you. Do not be afraid. With you, I can face anything.

Together, I promise you, we can face it all.

Accept that love is synonymous with happiness.

That he does not forget the past. But forgive.

Accept that love does not rebuild what has been destroyed.

To love does not mean to be “like”.

The ideal is not to look alike. But to reveal himself thanks to the other.

It is the possibility of saying “we”, despite the differences, which strengthens the couple.

I need you. Of your arms that embrace me. Of our shared laughter. And your benevolence.

I want to feel your skin. Breathe your scent.

See the sheets reveal your back. Caress your neck.

I want to listen to you breathe. Guess your sparkling gaze at dawn.

And listen to you love me.

I need you.

My best friend. My accomplice.

My best lover. My half.

My rose to me.

I love you with immense love. Healthy and reasonable.

Without idealization. In all conscience.

For you, I accept the unknown and I will be patient.

With you, I feel alive. And feel again.

Without fear or fear.

I want to instill this strength in you. This desire to exist. To make us exist.

Accept that love is synonymous with happiness.

Take your time, but don’t waste us on the way.

The crash of life is reasoning. Time goes astray.

Go ahead and take my hand. I’m here.