I want everything, everything, of you …

I build, deconstruct, sketch, correct, swap dreams from elsewhere, of you, of us, of them, of the past, of tomorrow, of just now.
I want everything, everything, of You.
My head explodes, escapes, smiles, cries, thinks, dreams, imagines, runs away.
My heart beats, knocks down, fights, and struggles.
In life, I dance so as not to walk, I run so as not to fall.
My life rejoices in the beings who cross it, hang onto it, make it, undo me.
My life is populated by strangers who jump there with both feet without my consent, transform me into a queen for a day, and leave me for other brighter cities. Or not.
My life is being north of me, it’s pressing on that dented part deep inside me, having the courage to look at it, yes, they’re gone.¬†Look at the stars, she might be one of them, right above you, there, put down, don’t forget her, she is there, right there.
My life is thanking you for stopping by with me.
My life is to get drunk on you without talking to you about love, it is stopping me to look at you, it is regretting because we have become diluted, it is bending because we are ‘is failed is laughing because you are next.
My life is to reassure you, reassure me, remind me, not give up, abandon yourself, breathe you and be patient.
My life is to build me a citadel of flowers and honey, it is to offer you my open hands and my worried eyes.
My life is learning to move forward, to believe, and to pray.

My life is to hold you tight because it’s the last time.

My life is lying on the grass

catch the clouds,

feel the sun on my skin,

your head on my stomach

and my hand over your mouth.