The day that … I stopped loving you

You who were so present, benevolent, generous;

You whom I adulated;

You who believed to love me;

You who saw me grow, who saw me build myself;

You who saw me suffer;

You who saw me fight;

You who supported me;

You whom I loved so much;

You for whom I would have sold my soul;

You without whom I was nothing;

You who made me forget myself;

You who suffocated me;

You crushed me;

You who judged me;

You for whom I suffered;

You who made me feel guilty;

You who did not support that I exist other than through you;

You who did not respect my choices;

You who did not accept my differences;

You who disappointed me so much;

You who never wanted to know who I really was;

You who listened to me but never heard;

You who were so present, benevolent, generous;

You were only a mirage of happiness, an ephemeral oasis;

You thought we were strong;

I thought we were unsinkable;

And today… I stopped loving you;

And today I cry;

I cry for this failed love;

But know that you … I am not crying for you.