Tonight … I want to Love

Tonight… I want to Love.

I finally feel ready.

To forget my fears.

To see the positive.

To give to me.

To put myself in danger.

Accept to lose control.

No longer think about the possible suffering.

Think about the happiness of the moment.

From those moments.

To feel fragile while I’m strong.

To feel like a mistress when I am a mother.

To let myself go.

Tonight… I want to believe it.


Believe in you.

In me especially.

I see myself as beautiful and lovable.

I trust.

Tonight… I forget my doubts.


To live.

Finally live.

To live without love is to let yourself die.

Tonight… I accept.


The potential suffering.

I deserve it, I know it.

I am not perfect but I know how to love.

Tonight… I want to give.


I open a new page of my life.

I want to be awake.

I know who I am, what I want, what I’m worth.

I am the actress of my life.

I no longer suffer it.

I want to be in the reception.

I no longer have any illusions.

But wanna keep my dreams.

I accept your differences. Your reality.

I tame my fears.

I am in the opening.

I know it now.

Tonight… I feel ready.


Ready to give.

Also to receive.

I accept chance.

But I won’t deny myself anymore.

I accept concessions.

I accept waivers

… .But for someone unique.

My heart is wide open.

I want to trust you.

Trust me too.

Work my love.

Make it grow too.

Understand his language.

Tonight… I want to believe it.


In the magic of life.

In the magic of love.

Tonight … my heart is ready.

And to recall the wonderful quote from Saint Exupery

” To love is to be born “

Much more than loving, great love is a new birth.