Being in a relationship: an ideal? really?!

So, being in a couple certainly has many advantages, for example:
Divide the rent of the apartment by two;
Don’t spend Sundays alone, slumped on your sofa, watching the rain fall on winter evenings, thinking that instead, you might be taking a villainous nap;
Always have someone to go on vacation;

But have we already thought about the drawbacks? Well, believe me, there are quite a few!

Here is a small non-exhaustive list (it would be too long):

  • Never find yourself a little alone and therefore QUIET;
  • Having to manage your meals: because rare are the men who welcome us in the evening to have good meals. But on the other hand, they absolutely want “starter, main course, dessert” meals;
  • Having to fake migraines;
  • Having to simulate quite simply;
  • Having to iron HIS shirts ( Editor’s note: he didn’t put them in the laundry! );
  • Having to deal with his character, his susceptibility, his mood swings on a daily basis – when WE are absolutely perfect, always of even temper, it is well known;
  • Having to deal with the cinema with Stallone’s latest film when he has always refused to go see Les Gazelles “  Go ahead with your friends ”;
  • Having to compose to keep a balance in the organization of our lives taking into account the desires, tastes, needs, and obligations of both;
  • Support him in playing sports to watch his achievements and congratulate him;
  • Sharing his time, his energy, his patience, no longer for himself BUT ESPECIALLY FOR HIM;
  • To risk being disappointed more often, to risk getting bored in this daily cohabitation;
  • Have less time to spend with friends;
  • Having to fill your fridge with pizzas and other greasy food to feed this gentlemen who does not take a gram, while you force yourself to have a diet of raw vegetables/proteins…. imagine the frustration each time you open this famous fridge … and the temptation don’t even talk about it !;
  • Having to deal with Football evenings, Rugby afternoons and mornings when waking up to Infosport in a loop;
  • Being attracted to other guys: you will always be attracted to the unknown;
  • No longer knowing the butterflies in the belly … because after a few weeks, these
    damn butterflies fly away ;
  • Supporting complaints and complaints from work when our job is obviously not important (oh yes! We women are not made to succeed professionally!);
  • No longer being able to call your exes even if they have become friends;
  • No longer being able to let go: like at night in front of the TV, on the sofa dressed in your old jogging pants;
  • No longer being able to eat with my mouth open (well, come on… I admit that even alone I do not eat with my mouth open);
  • No longer being able to do afternoon cocooning “clay mask, waxing, manicure”;
  • Hurry in the morning in the bathroom because he too wants to go and the gentleman takes 3 times longer to get ready than me – a shame;
  • No longer being able to sleep crosswise on the double bed and worse… .no longer having the duvet just for me;
  • Spend Sunday lunches with your guy’s family;
  • No longer being able to watch the reruns of Sissi or Dirty Dancing on TV Breizh (horrible!);
  • Having to tell her where I’m going when I go;
  • Put up with her snoring (I snore too ???? but no, I am a princess. Princesses never snore);
  • To forget oneself while pleasing the other, and even sometimes to deny oneself;

Why do love and suffering live together?
Because it’s a couple.