Getting your ex back: what about recycling?

My best friend once said to me: “  In love, no recycling. What went in the trash must stay there!  ” 

When a relationship ends you have to grieve, deal with the breakup, overcome your grief, and accept failure. Relearn how to live alone to re-appropriate your life and take control of your future.

Yes, but what to do when you have your ex in your skin and you’re dying to put the pieces back together?


  • That it’s stronger than you
  • That you see it and want it everywhere
  • That you can’t delete a single text message or remove it from your contacts 
  • When you miss him like a part of you have been taken away 
  • When her absence leaves a huge void in your daily life and your mind and loneliness nails you to the ground 

Naturally, the first thing that we will try to do is to set up strategies just as far-fetched as each other to recover it and find a maximum of phony excuses to explain the reverse.


  • We were so good together in the end, apart from our daily quarrels, if that happens we could make an effort?
  • We liked the same things… well yes… music, cinema… all that all that what!
  • He did so well to eat and he also knew how to fold and iron the laundry 
  • If so, it was his mother that he convinced him to leave me, I don’t see any other explanation …
  • We were made for each other our zodiac signs were connected
  • We knew each other by heart, more than my boy, he was my confidant 
  • He cheated on me but I’m sure he was drugged/kidnapped/coerced. He could never have done such a thing!
  • We made love really well (at the beginning) and besides, he didn’t care that I kept my socks

Except that if we separated, there is a real reason. Usually, it’s not something you do on a whim. Love at first sight ok, destructive love at first sight no …

The rupture, it is carefully considered, posed, argued, and often suffered on one side or the other.


You always have one who is going to assume the wearing of the panties to slam the door or who will put them on punctually and feel wings growing (ah bah there when it comes to making a dumb decision. ‘hears oddly).

Frankly what the point of trying to get back together if:


  • You had horns (whoever steals an egg steals an ox, I don’t teach you anything !!)
  • You had as much desire for each other as there are fleets in the Gobi Desert
  • You defined yourself as new generation CoLocs
  • You wanted to throw gratin dishes in your face
  • You were unable to speak to each other without yelling at each other, never agreeing on anything, controversy in every basic discussion, muddled up with every sentence turned wrong
  • His best mate took up too much space and replaced you on every selfie
  • The prospect of having offspring gave him pimples
  • In the ranking of priorities, you were largely doubled by the PS4, the PSG & the MacBook….

So many reasons to flee! Forget about Faaaast!

Turn the page or even tear them off in packs of 10 !!!



Be gentle with yourself, don’t live in the shadow of a relationship that doesn’t suit you. Choosing to leave when you are at the end of the road is to choose yourself, to turn around and try to repair the damage.

It’s a bit like building a castle on ruins: it will inevitably collapse at one point or another.

No need to insist, you have to move on and leave the disaster behind.

Life is too short to bother with toxic relationships.

Fate often has beautiful surprises in store for us where we least expect them, you just have to believe it!