Can we be truly happy and fulfilled in love?

I don’t know a single person who isn’t looking for happiness. It is the engine of our lives and each one has a conception of its own. Of course, love is one of the main areas in order to achieve this fulfillment. However, everything is far from rosy when you share the life of a man (or a woman).

This is the reason why I am regularly asked if it is possible to be really happy and filled in love during the conferences that I organize or quite simply by message.

The answer is yes, of course! Nevertheless, it is advisable to make the share of things well. There will always be tensions within a couple, but it is part of any human relationship and you must, therefore, accept them. The important thing is that these situations do not interfere with your story and that you manage to put them out quickly.

You should know that arguments can even strengthen your relationship when they are not recurring.

However, in order for everything to work perfectly, there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of and do your utmost to reduce any differences that could harm your story.

A couple who do not argue is it really possible?

Nowadays, many people tend to imagine their married life based on the latest romantic comedies that come to us from the United States and more particularly the latest Hollywood productions. However, this has a negative impact on the way we operate because the reality is far from being so caricatured.

The perfect little family life, waking up every morning with a big smile on my face, children who jump in the marital bed to wake up their parents to have a breakfast that looks like a festive meal, all this seems wonderful but unfortunately the everyday life is far from resembling those times. It is clear that married life is not that at all!

Obviously you will share moments of happiness throughout your relationship but it is difficult to imagine that you will get along with your other half permanently. Finances, raising children, relationships with your in-laws, working life, and a whole bunch of other things are going to have an impact on how you conduct yourself.

You have to make the difference between a couple who do not quarrel and a couple who no longer love each other, who is not fulfilled.

This is where most people make a mistake. Arguing does not mean no longer being happy in love  and it is not the beginnings of a divorce, in any case when they do not exceed certain limits.

However, it is difficult to know a couple who never quarrel, it is even impossible! So you don’t have to idealize your neighbor, your best friend, or your office mate.

Having disagreements, when they are not daily, does not necessarily mean that you are not  happy and fulfilled in love,  but quite simply that your couple is alive and well and that being led to have an opinion that diverges from that of your man.

So no need to think about a possible breakup when everything does not go the way you want. You cannot always be successful and you must, therefore, know how to deal with a relationship.

You and your partner are not the same people

If a couple’s arguments seem inevitable at one point or another in the relationship, how can we explain them? What causes you to have disagreements with the person you love?

It clearly appears that the difference of s**x plays a primordial role in this situation. It is not only in relation to the physical that I find myself but in terms of the expectations of the life of a couple. The needs of a man and a woman and their behaviors are not the same and therefore differences can be felt.

We are all unique and we have different tastes from each other. Not all men have the same needs, and not all women dream of the same thing. You have to be aware of this parameter in order to move forward in your love story.

As I explained above, arguments can occur because you are not always on the same wavelength but being happy in love is largely within your reach because it is precisely these differences that make your  relationship even more so. beautiful .

To be happy and fulfilled in love over time

I am one of those who thinks that you can live happily as a couple and that love has not disappeared.

However, this feeling can go away very easily if you take it for granted and don’t nurture it enough.

Being in a relationship does not mean resting on your laurels and imagining that your partner will be by your side all your life if you do not take actions to  preserve their relationship .

Maintaining your relationship, that is to say, thinking about the happiness of your partner allows you to live your love life better, even if there may be times, as we have seen, in which you may experience some crises conjugal. The sustainability of your love story depends on your actions and of course those of your partner because you don’t have to be the only one to act, you don’t have to wait for crises or moments of difficulty to show listening.

Being happy and emotionally fulfilled over time is quite possible, but for that you must keep in mind that you will also go through storms and experience more negative times. But you can get up quickly by doing the right thing and putting actions in place today to prevent arguments from harming the future of your relationship.