Move at your own pace, on your own path

“Come on, come on, don’t join me!”
Go ahead for yourself first! And if we have to walk together at the same pace, it will be wonderful.
And if you have to overtake me, go ahead, I’ll catch up with you. “

This text perfectly explains how important it is to realize that the most important person for you is you .

When you start to take action, make the necessary changes in your life, and accept that it all starts with you, the most beautiful of magic can work.


The first small steps are above all for you!

Move at your own pace, on your own path.

Meet new people who are meaningful to you, people who uplift you, who you meet and who can share your life for a moment, but who can also leave it.

Accept that a person is part of your life, a period of time …


Then give her complete freedom to leave, being filled with gratitude for everything she has been able to give you.

Continue at all costs on a construction of your being, on your own evolution, to be even more, in perfect adequacy with the one or the one that you really are, with what you emit as a vibration.

Also agree to attract those experiences that will make the journey even more propellant of your evolution.

Keep asking yourself:


  • What is the hidden gift?
  • What can I learn that is new?
  • How can this be even better than what I’m going through?
  • What can I experience again?
  • What are the new encounters that I can create?
  • What are the mechanisms that I can get rid of for more knowledge, more connection?
  • How can I create a new reality?
  • How can I be a new person?
  • Yes, start this change in order to be this real shine that will make you luminous from within and that will make others follow you without any request from you.

No longer waiting for the other but just welcoming what life can offer us.

Just “to be” and stop wanting to make the other follow us, love us. “

Be your own path, be the direction, be you, and you will become a powerful spark that will light up the world.