Make the choice to be happy!

Challenge: What if we launched ourselves fearlessly, unimpeded from the past, just being ourselves?

1 / Choose the partner that suits you

We always go to someone who looks like us, either because he has the same expectations or because he will meet our needs. This is not the solution, you should not choose someone based on your needs!

2 / don’t project your own faults onto the other

”  I do not trust myself so if the other does not write to me it is because I am not friendly “. We spoil the relationship because we put ourselves in such pain that we spoil it or stop the story for fear of being left.

3 / Choose communication

We must not be in demand but in exchange. Love is only possible if two people speak freely and are able to hear each other.

4 / Love rejoices in the truth

He should be open, honest and true, without trying to be right or hurt. Sincerity allows construction.

5 / Avoid reproaches …

… The silence, the threat, the sarcasm and the blame.

6 / Be consistent

You should not ask the other what you cannot be yourself.

7 / assume your responsibilities

Be proactive.

8 / Leave the past behind

Also put aside your own internal conflicts and delusional beliefs. Look to the future.

9 / accept the beauty of love

It is also a caress, a simple story.

10 / be free

Love is a free and informed choice. Deep down in all of you who have complicated, tormented or unfinished stories, have you really made a conscious decision if you are ready for this great business of love? Do not have brakes, fears, censorship, or divisions.

11 / accept that the other is not perfect

Remember you won’t either!

12 / accept the suffering

Open to negative as well as positive, grief, sadness, and disappointment as well as joy and satisfaction.

13 / Open up, surrender and grow together

Make these three words your new mantra.

14 / don’t deny yourself

No one has the right to belittle you, to make you feel lousy, to humiliate you, to make you feel poor. In short, to make you doubt the beautiful person that you are.

15 / Be happy alone before you want to be together

16 / do not consider the other as a bandage

17 / don’t forget to live your life

And to rejoice in the little things that mark the path.

18 / Remember that being in a relationship is not an end in itself

It must be a bonus.

19 / Remember, before being an emotion, love is a choice

20 / It’s all very easy to say!

The girls have to admit something to you, it’s Phanie and Sarah, we wrote this article with four hands. We are on the terrace of a cafe, desperate. We’re both stuck – waiting for a text message from the man in our life – who won’t come. Sarah’s is beautiful as a god but not (totally) available, mine is available (but absent – and very inconstant in its inconstancy). But you know what? Happiness, we choose it!

So in summary, we give you advice because good girlfriends always give advice that they do not know how to follow themselves 

If you’re in need of love, don’t jump on the first one. We chose an unstoppable solution: we found the man who will never leave us, our soft toy, no ulterior motives, only kindness, a man who tells you every day that he loves you, that you are belle, who texts us all day without any ambiguity. And Our God, how good it is!

“Loving someone is not just about power

of a feeling but of a decision, a judgment, a promise ”