How do you know if he is the right one?

We flutter with happiness our hearts inflamed by new thoughts until …

… .This moment when the deluge of questions comes to wall us in reality:

– How do I know if he will stay and overcome the winds and tides of my moods and my desires?

– Will he be there for a month, a year, the whole life?

Finding the answer to this question is as difficult as unearthing the weight loss pill or just as suicidal as eating a jar of Häagen Dazs thinking you’re not gaining a gram.

Let us not forget that we operate in a world of consumption …

… .Tending to lobotomize our brain with stereotypes corresponding to false ideals.

So much so that in the end we no longer know what we want, what we like, what suits us and our opinions merge with those of our friends.

By dint of wondering if we have found THE Jules, we end up caressing the mistaken idea which would consist in saying that there would be, somewhere, one and only person who would suit us perfectly and who would be the ideal dreamed of and fantasy.

By dint of lying to each other we do not move forward.

We self-center and we shut ourselves off by creating false visions of the couple and our own needs.

So we are afraid, we doubt, we no longer know what beliefs to devote to whether the person we meet is the right one.

It quickly becomes complicated and we do not take the time to go further and let the time do its work.

Because we must not hide the face, there is only time as Leo Ferré said!

With time everything goes away, but over time everything is built and also becomes solid.

To avoid getting lost in all the false realities that are being referred to us, I will try to help you by giving you the telltale signs of true love. They are the ones who will allow you to tell if you are on the right track with maybe, possibly THE RIGHT PERSON (for how long? I am not Madame Irma).

For a man to be the one who will make the difference, he must demonstrate 4 characteristics:


  1. Admiration

What defines lovers the most is this blissful admiration they have for each other.

Admiration is fundamental because your spouse is the person who will recognize your skills and help you overcome your weaknesses.

She will be the person most able to advise you by the admiration that is hers.

As Oscar Wilde would say: ” Never love someone who treats you like an ordinary person “.

  1. The acts 

The presence of the other is stimulating and gives you boundless energy.

It makes you want to move mountains.

If there is one thing that speaks more than any word, it is the passage to the act!

The right person will be the one who will know how to project himself and will know how to include you in his projects.

When we love we move.

  1. The presence

A romantic partner cares about your immediate and future well-being. It is he who will accompany you in the good times but also in the difficult times.

It is he who will know how to be present even from a distance. Through messages, emails or encouragement that never makes you feel alone.

  1. The vulnerability 

One of the positive signs of a genuine relationship is vulnerability!

The risk that the other takes in confiding, in exposing himself as he is and not as he should / would like to be, is indicative of deep feelings.

From the start, it is the framework of the intimate that arises.

In love, we unconsciously look for signs of gentleness and kindness.

Being vulnerable inevitably increases the feeling of security and the possibility of knowing the other better.

Conclusion: Love is built over time.

Love is timid and requires time to tame.

The right person is the one who will reveal himself day after day. Little by little in order to fill your life, remove your doubts, and open a new path of life.

And again, nothing is certain.

Because the certainty of today is not that of tomorrow.

A man who will give you listening and compassion one day will become acquaintance the other day.

Perhaps one day two souls will find each other to unite forever, or perhaps they will have to travel around the world twice to find each other.

Love is there.

Present and unique.

You just have to see it. To feel it. Want it.

… So that it appears in broad daylight.